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Custom Packaging Sleeves: Learn More About the Hybrid Steam Tunnel

Aluminum cans provide many packaging benefits, including protecting your product from light and oxygen that compromises its integrity. Cans also provide an attractive material for showcasing custom packaging sleeves. These are especially eye-catching to customers, allowing for unique art designs and effective marketing strategies. Learn how we accomplish this with our one-of-a-kind hybrid steam tunnel technology for custom beer cans. 

A Sauna for Your Can

Hybrid steam tunnel technology combines infrared heat with steam to help your sleeve find a seamless fit on your can. Traditional team tunnels usually cause a lot of wet runoff when the machine is in use, but using infrared heat allows us to use less steam. The hybrid steam tunnel is essentially an automated assembly line that achieves just the right scientific balance of heat and steam to ensure that the can sleeve comes out free of wrinkles and perfectly aligned to the can’s lip and edges. 

Adjustable Heights and Heating Tubes

Another great feature of the steam tunnel for creating custom packaging sleeves is that its components can be calibrated for different heights and heat requirements. This means that we can easily create custom beer cans for you, whether they are 237 ml, 354 ml, 473 ml, or 946 ml aluminum crowlers. Heat will be applied consistently and uniformly across the surface of your can. This means that the sleeve will adhere evenly and instantly, with no risk of warping, ripples, or skew. 

Cost-saving Efficiency 

The hybrid steam tunnel is also very efficient at what it does. With careful engineering, we ensure that only the labelling surface of the can is heated. This saves energy by not radiating heat throughout the surrounding room. 

This process also happens almost instantaneously, When trying to find the target set point temperature for heat output, our process hits the mark within seconds. Compared with other shrink-fit mechanisms that take 10-15 minutes to heat and reheat after a production break, the hybrid steam tunnel avoids this extra use of electricity. 

Let Kinsbrae Create Custom Packaging Sleeves for You

We have developed an innovative process for ensuring that the advertising on your custom beer cans that is durable and versatile. Use our website to request information about how we can create satisfying solutions for your business. 


The craft beer industry is growing rapidly, and you need to be able to stand out from the crowd. Our cutting-edge technology will transfer your artistic branding perfectly onto the aluminum can, without scorching or bubbling. The even application of heat and steam sets us apart. 


Our sleeves are also expertly engineered to withstand moisture and heat from the environment. Spills and drips will not compromise the beauty and crispness of the art you choose for your can. If the cans sit in a hot truck or warehouse, the labels will not peel or melt, since there is no glue or adhesive to worry about. In dry conditions, the labels will not become brittle or stiff, since they have adhered permanently to the metal. 


The craft beer industry has dramatically changed the types of cans consumers are used to. Gone are the days when just a standard 354 ml can is what most customers want. Now there are resealable screwtops, more slender necks, wide-mouth openings, squatty cans, tapered handles, and crowlers. (A crowler is a metal can-growler). Fortunately, we are skilled in creating custom packaging sleeves that will accurately fit any size, shape, or style of can. Send us your designs and the type of cans you envision. We will work hard to create a flexible solution for your custom beer cans. 


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