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Kinsbrae Packaging is Your One Stop Source for Can Sleeves

If your company is in need of packaging for products such as food or beverages, cans are the obvious choice for high-quality packaging material. Not only are cans lightweight and portable, but they are also easily customizable. Whether you choose to use printed or sleeved cans, Kinsbrae Packaging has great options to help you grow your business. Here’s what you need to know about custom packaging sleeves to decide if they are the best option for your company.

What Is the Difference Between Printed and Sleeved Cans?

For printed cans, we use high-tech machinery to etch your logo and design directly onto the metal. The design can be covered up by a sleeve, but it can’t be removed unless the can is crushed and remade. The design can be changed, but it is a little more extensive altering a printing plate than to change the template for a sleeve.

Sleeved cans involve creating a separate sleeve. We then use a special adhesive to attach the sleeve to the can, effectively moulding the two materials together. The end result is the same as a printed can but with a less permanent effect so you can reuse the cans.

Both printed and sleeved cans are useful for building strong brands. The only difference between the two packaging options is how they are created and attached to the cans, so although sleeving is a relatively new technique, it is quickly gaining traction as a preferred packaging option.

What Are the Benefits of Using Can Sleeves?

Can sleeves are more cost-efficient than printed cans. The process of creating can sleeves is also faster than printing a design directly onto a can, so you can get your products on the market faster if you choose to use sleeves instead of printed cans.

Can sleeves are also easy to customize. You can change the design at any time for minimal cost and effort, so this is a great option for a growing company trying to build a strong brand and reputation.

However, the primary benefit of can sleeves is that you can reuse cans if you choose to use sleeves over printed cans. You can oversleeve cans, even if they were previously printed. By allowing you to reuse cans and minimize waste, cans sleeves save your company a significant amount of money.

Why Choose Kinsbrae Packaging To Supply You With Can Sleeves?

If you choose to use can sleeves to help you accomplish your packaging goals, partnering with the right supplier is necessary. Kinsbrae Packaging is ready to rise to the challenge and help. Once you settle on a design for your sleeves, let us take over the printing process and get your products to market quickly. Our warehouse is stocked with millions of silver bullet cans waiting for sleeves, so we can make quick deliveries once the printing process begins. We also have boxes for shipping so we can protect your packaging materials while they are in transit.

Can sleeving is the packaging option of the future because it allows companies to reuse materials and minimize waste. Our state-of-the-art sleeving line works at high rates of speed and can sleeve up to 600 cans per minute. This makes packaging easy so you can get your products to market faster and start turning a profit.

Find the Best Packaging Options at Kinsbrae Packaging

Cans are a great packaging solution for beverages, food and nutraceuticals. You must choose between printing or sleeving your cans to build your brand, and Kinsbrae Packaging can help with both optionsContact us today to start growing your company with customized cans for packaging.


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