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Top 5 Benefits Of The Frugal Bottle

Traditionally, wine and spirits have been packaged in glass bottles and sometimes cans. With the invention of the Frugal Bottle, wine and spirit packaging has become more sustainable. Paper bottles may seem impractical, but there are many reasons to transition from glass to paper bottles. Here are the top five benefits of using paper bottles to package wine and spirits.

1. Sustainability

With concern for the climate crisis at an all-time high, many businesses are looking for the most sustainable packaging options to help reduce their carbon footprint. If you are worried about sustainability, paper is a much better option than glass. It requires much less energy to recycle paper than glass, and you can reuse the material in many different ways. The Frugal Bottle is made of 94% recycled paperboard and the carbon footprint is up to six times lower than a glass bottle, so if you make the switch from glass bottles, you can feel more confident in your company’s contribution to saving the environment. Not only does this benefit your business reputation, but it is also an appealing feature to potential customers, so becoming more sustainable is likely to boost sales and increase your profits.

2. Lightweight

It’s no secret that paper is lighter than glass. Traditionally, glass bottles are relatively heavy because of their construction. If you make the switch to paper bottles, you will find that they are much easier to move because they are significantly lighter. Customers will notice the difference when they go to buy wine or spirits because it’s notably less weight to carry and there is no glass to worry about breaking. It will not be as challenging to transport your wine or spirits or as expensive to ship because it is so much lighter when encased in paper bottles instead of glass.

3. Easy To Transport

Glass bottles are difficult to transport because you must worry about cushioning them properly. You don’t have that problem if you transition to paper bottles. They don’t break during transport, and they are not as heavy as glass bottles, so you do not need as much manpower to move them easily. With paper bottles you can fit more on a pallet, which means more on a truck, making transport much more efficient. 

4. Shatterproof

Glass bottles are often thick to make them more durable, but there is always the risk of them shattering during transport. Regardless of how well you cushion the bottles, they are still made of a breakable material. Paper bottles are much better because you never have to worry about them shattering. The paperboard used is thick and unlikely to tear, and even if it does rip, the liquid is encased inside a thick plastic pouch that preserves and prevents it from spilling.

5. Lower Packaging Costs

Paper bottles are more cost-efficient to manufacture. Paper is more inexpensive than glass, and recycled material is readily available. Because paper bottles can’t be broken like glass ones, you don’t have to spend as much on packing materials to cushion the bottles during transport.

Another way paper bottles can help you save money is by blocking out UV light. Glass bottles don’t have this feature, although tinted bottles often filter out a significant portion of the light. UV light isn’t inherently dangerous, but being exposed to too much of it can alter the taste and quality of the liquid inside the bottle. Paper bottles eliminate this risk and are better at preserving the taste of the liquid they hold.

Make the Transition to Paper Bottles Today!

Packaging your wine and spirits in paper bottles is a good way to make your business more sustainable and show your customers that you are conscious of your impact on the environment. Kinsbrae Packaging is proud to offer the Frugal Bottle as part of our packaging lineup, so if you are searching for a more sustainable and cost-efficient option, contact us today.


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