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Packaging Specialist

Has been an outside sales rep for 15 years. For the last 10 years he’s worked at one of the largest custom tooling houses in North America. John was successful in his role for a few simple reasons; listen to customers and their needs. Help guide their ideas/vision to fruition. NEVER overpromise, and under deliver.

His trait of always being fully transparent, resulted in sometimes having to refuse to sell customers tooling because it wouldn’t match their cutting applications. They may not have liked the answer, but their hard-earned money was saved, and directed to more cost beneficial alternatives. 

In his free time John enjoys coaching his daughters in rep hockey; a massive sports fan always supporting local teams. Go Leafs, Rangers, Jays, Bills, Apple Jacks, and especially the Twin Center Hurricanes!

To decompress John enjoys ice fishing, sledding, attending concerts large and small, and heading north camping.

He’s been a long-time volunteer in the community when needed. Being an on-call firefighter for the last 11 years he has found more empathy and appreciation for friends, family, and life in general. He will always put his best foot forward and help others around him, which can sometimes be a pain to his family, but that’s what you do; it takes 10 seconds to find out if someone’s okay.

 “Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it” is something he’s learned the hard way and has since applied it to everyday life. 

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