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3 Myths About Canned Wine

It can be easy to underestimate canned wine but don’t judge it too quickly. While it may have got a bad rap in the past, this trend in the wine industry is quickly gaining popularity. In fact, it is the fastest-growing segment of the wine market, and with more companies adopting this new packaging, there are various types of wine available in a can. 

Here at KinsBrae Packaging, we like to think of ourselves as canned wine Ontario experts and are proud to offer a unique wine packaging solution that can help brand your company and set you apart from competitors. The PortaVino aluminum bottle’s design provides a can option with a sophistication that will set your wine apart from others on the shelf. 

For those on the fence about canned wine, we would like to clear up any misconceptions about the product. 

The following are the top 3 myths about canned wine:

Canned Wine Is Like Drinking Beer

This myth is not only misleading, but it can also be dangerous. We first need to note that the alcohol levels in canned wine are similar to those in bottled wine. This means that they can be anywhere from 8% to 15%, depending on the type of wine. A standard 375ml can is the equivalent of about half a bottle of wine or two and a half glasses, and that can be a lot of wine consumed from one little can. 

It can be easy to pop open can after can at a party or out on the boat, not realizing just how much alcohol you are consuming. You will definitely not want to match your beer-drinking friends, one for one. So, when opening a can of wine, sit back and relax and enjoy it just as you would if you had poured it into a wine glass out of a bottle. 

All Canned Wine Is Low-Quality Bulk Juice

This is one of the most popular myths about canned wine. Many people still believe that wine in a can is only for low-quality brands. But, this cannot be farther from the truth. Many well-established, higher-quality wine brands are turning to cans for their packaging. 

Some smaller producers are also jumping on the canned wine bandwagon who have put a lot of thought and effort into making their wines. They believe that if their consumers are willing to pay more by the glass at restaurants for their high-quality wine, they will also purchase it in cans to enjoy at home, on hikes, or picnics.

No Sophisticated Wine Drinker Has A Reason To Drink Canned Wine

This myth has many people believing that sophisticated wine drinkers would not be caught drinking wine from a can. However, canned wine is for everyone, including the most sophisticated sommelier. It just depends on the time and place that the wine is being consumed. 

We understand that a Michelin starred dinner may not be the best place for wine in a can, but it can be perfect while on a picnic, on the boat, or while golfing. Canned wine is a convenient way to enjoy a high-quality wine while on the go. It is easy to throw in a picnic box or backpack and doesn’t require a corkscrew or fancy wine glass

The PortaVino

Now that we have tackled some of the most common myths about wine in a can, lets take a closer look at the PortaVino. KinsBrae’s PortaVino aluminum wine in a can bottle offers a truly unique solution to wine packaging. This high-quality aluminum bottle holds 250ml and is excellent for consumers who enjoy their on-the-go lifestyles.

Our sleeved cans offer excellent marketing and branding potential as they can make it easy for your consumers to recognize your product amongst your competition. Explicitly designed for wine, the PortaVino offers a unique and sophisticated packaging option for fine wines. 

To learn more about PortaVino or any of our other packaging solutions, contact us today!


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