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A Look at What Kinsbrae Offers for Custom Box Packaging

When considering custom packaging and display materials, it is important to make sure the words you are using actually describe what you really want. Some people mistakenly ask for cardboard when what they really mean is a corrugated box. Though having some things in common, they are not exactly the same thing, and if you ask for cardboard when you mean a corrugated display, what you end up with may not be adequate for the task. Kinsbrae offers a variety of options to handle your packaging requirements. Discover more about these products and how your business can benefit from them. 


When describing materials made from a paper base, some people use the word “cardboard” indiscriminately. However, the term more accurately refers to a type of paper stock that is heavier or thicker than notebook paper, printer paper, or similar types of stationery. A cardboard display would be adequate for small, light items, such as greeting cards. However, it would probably be too weak to hold up heavier items for sale, such as beverages in cans or bottles.

Kinsbrae Packaging specializes in manufacturing heavy-duty boxboard boxes made of strong and clean stock paper. The boxes are suitable for various food products including cereal, hot meals, cookies, tea, and chocolate. With the ability to add high-end graphics, these boxes not only provide protection but also help to create a strong brand image. 

Timely delivery is a top priority and we are dedicated to meeting deadlines and delivering orders promptly. Our in-house graphic design team, combined with cutting-edge printing techniques ensures a flawless finish in our print and design services. Additionally, we provide custom solutions beyond packaging, including inventory management support to help our clients streamline their fulfillment process.

What are Corrugated Boxes?

Despite how thick and heavy it is compared to other types of paper stock, regular cardboard only consists of one layer, while corrugated materials have three. The two outer layers are flat and smooth, but sandwiched in between them is a third layer that has been bent into a fluted pattern. This extra layer gives corrugated display material more strength and sturdiness to hold up heavy items of merchandise, such as bottles or cans containing beverages.

It is possible that custom boxes or display cases may incorporate both cardboard and corrugated materials. For example, the primary structure may consist of corrugated cardboard or fiberboard, but decorative elements of the display may be made out of cardboard because they are not necessary to hold the merchandise up. The combination of cardboard and corrugated materials can make for a solid, striking display.

What Are the Advantages of a Corrugated Display?

In addition to the strength that corrugation provides, displays made of corrugated cardboard or fibreboard are also made with reinforced hardware and supports that make them sturdy enough to carry heavy items of food packages or canned or bottled beverages. Corrugated displays provide some protection to the contents in case someone accidentally bumps into the display or knocks it over.

These displays are available in custom sizes so you can choose one that fits your particular retail space, whatever that may be. For example, corrugated displays are very appropriate for pop-up stores, since you are only going to be in the space for a limited amount of time, you do not have to make any permanent alterations to the building. Once you no longer need the display, it can be easily dismantled and, if disposed of in a landfill, will biodegrade completely.

Corrugated displays can support vivid graphics that are digitally printed to the material. You can bring your own custom design or logo to have printed on the display to create a digital impression that engages the eye of potential buyers.

Corrugated displays are durable and can remain in use for a long time. However, they are also lightweight, meaning that if you have to move the display, you can pick it up easily after unloading the merchandise. You can also dismantle and flatten the display for storage as needed, such as a seasonal display that you reuse annually but do not keep up all year.

Corrugated boxes and fiberboard are inexpensive materials to work with for the quality that they provide. Because they are typically made from recycled materials, they are a more sustainable option as well.

Kinsbrae Custom Packaging and Display Options

With a focus on quality and presentation, Kinsbrae Packaging helps customers make the right impression with their packaging choices. No matter what your business is searching for, we are sure to help. Learn more about boxboard and corrugated packaging options from our team of experts. 


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