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Are Paper Bottles The Way Of The Future?

Glass bottles have been used to hold wine for centuries, but you are no longer required to use glass to hold liquid for sale. The invention of the Frugal Bottle in England has revolutionized the wine and spirits packaging industry. By enhancing sustainability, paper bottles may soon replace all of their glass counterparts. Here’s what you need to know about paper bottles.

They Have Multiple Uses

The Frugal Bottle was created to hold wine, but it has multiple uses. Paper bottles are useful for encasing any type of liquid. They are ideal for wine, but they can also be used to package olive oil and spirits. Not only do paper bottles provide a 360-degree marketing opportunity, but they also make your products stand out on store shelves so that they appeal to customers and help drive sales.

They Are Durable

You may not think that paper bottles are as durable as their glass counterparts, but this is far from true. Glass bottles are sturdy, but they often shatter and crack, which ruins the liquid inside. You never have to worry about paper bottles shattering. They are constructed of thick paperboard that is resistant to rips and tears. On the off chance that a paper bottle rips, the liquid inside is protected with a thick plastic pouch. This means that you never have to worry about losing the liquid inside if a paper bottle is damaged in any way.

They Are Sustainable

People all over the globe are concerned about the state of the climate crisis. Many consumers look for companies that invest in sustainable packaging options. The Frugal Bottle is made of recycled materials, and the paper bottles are easy to recycle again once you finish the liquid inside. Marketing your wine, spirits or olive oil inside a paper bottle is a great way to show your customers that you are committed to doing your part to help the environment.

They Are Cost-Efficient

Paper is much more readily available than glass. It is a preferable material because it is so easy to recycle and you can use it in so many ways. Because it is easier to find, paper is much more cost-efficient than glass. These initial savings should convince you that paper bottles aid your bottom line, but they are even more cost-efficient in the future. One thing you have to worry about with glass bottles is that they often shatter during transport. You must spend a significant amount of money on cushioning materials to ensure that the bottles get to their destination without breaking. You don’t have to purchase any cushioning materials if you use paper bottles. This results in significant savings, but you save even more money when you think about the fact that you no longer have to worry about the cause of losing product during the shipping process. Plus, the paper bottle is lightweight, which means you can fit more bottles on a pallet and shipping becomes more efficient. 

They Are Available From Kinsbrae Packaging

The Frugal Bottle was created in England and since its launch in June 2020 there have been inquiries from companies all over the world for this innovative and unique packaging solution. Kinsbrae Packaging is proud to introduce the Frugal Bottle to North America, with manufacturing taking place at our facility in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. If you’re ready to take your wine, spirit, or olive oil packaging to the next level, consider investing in paper bottles.

Make the Switch to Paper Bottles Today

Packaging your olive oil, wine or spirits in the Frugal Bottle is a great way to highlight your company’s commitment to sustainability. Contact Kinsbrae Packaging today to see how this packaging solution could benefit your company.


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