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Benefits of Custom Shipping Boxes for Your Small Business

One of the simplest and smartest ways to make your business stand out is by purchasing custom boxes for shipping your goods. Not only does custom packaging get you noticed, but it also reflects your commitment to customer satisfaction in a number of ways. Read on to learn about the benefits of ordering corrugated boxes for all your shipping needs, then call us at KinsBrae Packaging to get started on designing yours today.

Build Brand Awareness

As a small business owner, you know the importance of getting maximum traction out of each advertising dollar. That’s why shipping your products in customized boxes delivers so much bang for your buck. Mailers that prominently feature your logo serve the double duty of safely packaging your products for transport while exposing your business to potential new customers.

When you send out orders in packaging that prominently features your logo, your brand will be seen by dozens of people who haven’t yet set foot in your store. From the courier who picks up the order at your shop to the neighbours who pass by the front porch where it’s been delivered, countless people will become familiar with your brand. This kind of exposure creates a marketing impression that can put your business at the front of people’s minds the next time they’re in need of what you offer.

Safely Send Your Goods

The best businesspeople strive to provide an outstanding service experience, even after a sale has been finalized. Because secure packaging is critical to the safe and sound delivery of shipped items, mailing your orders in custom-designed cardboard boxes will go a long way toward ensuring your customers are satisfied when they receive their orders.

Collaborating with a partner like KinsBrae Packaging allows you to tailor not just the look but also the size of your mailing boxes. Rather than making do with off-the-shelf boxes, you can order ones that are sized to fit your products like a glove, so nothing shifts and incurs damage during shipping. It’s an effective way to show you care about every aspect of the client experience.

Provide Added Convenience

Even if you’re strictly brick and mortar and don’t regularly ship goods, having custom boxes as part of your stock provides an extra level of service your clients will appreciate. By offering packing and shipping to customers purchasing gifts, you’ll be providing a benefit that enhances their experience with your business. Clients appreciate the convenience of one-stop shopping and will return to your store the next time they need to send a present.

Positively Impact the Environment

Have you ever gotten a delivery of one tiny item inside a giant box stuffed with packing material and worried about the environmental impact of all that waste? You certainly don’t want your own clients to feel that way about the orders they receive from your shop.

By using custom-sized shipping boxes that eliminate unused space, your business will be doing its part to cut down on that type of excess. Choosing biodegradable corrugated containers made with primarily recycled materials, like those offered by KinsBrae Packaging, also reduces the negative impact shipping materials have on the environment. It’s a smart option sure to please climate-conscious customers.

Order Your Custom Boxes Today

When you’re ready to lay in a supply of custom shipping boxes, reach out to KinsBrae Packaging. We’ll work with your specifications to design cost-effective, durable branded boxes that protect your products during shipping, so they arrive safely in the homes and businesses of your clients. Count on KinsBrae Packaging to deliver high-quality mailing materials that boost brand recognition while reflecting your commitment to customer satisfaction!


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