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Benefits of Kinsbrae’s Digital Printing Process

If you make cans or bottles, you can benefit from custom packaging sleeves. Creating unique labels makes your product stand out and even supports branding efforts. Of course, not all sleeves are created equal. To get the best quality, you need digitally printed packaging.

Digital printing uses computer files, such as PDFs, as a guide, making it quick and easy to deliver your design to the printer. Additionally, digital printers don’t use plates, making them more flexible than traditional printing processes.

Works Perfectly for Short Runs

Many traditional printers avoid short runs since they’re not cost-effective. However, small businesses or companies offering limited edition products may not need packaging in the quantities provided by medium and long runs. Unfortunately, they may be forced to choose between a hefty sum for the right amount of packaging or a discounted price and more labels than they can use.

Digital printing eliminates this issue since printing a short run is just as cost-effective as a long one. You can get as many boxboard 6x355ml + 6x473ml boxes as you need for your holiday-themed product without breaking the bank.

You can also count on quick production. Arranging and changing plates is a long, cumbersome process that interferes with speedy printing. If you need a hasty batch of rigid plastic containers to accommodate a last-minute order, digital printing is your best bet.

Creates Custom Packaging Sleeves

Digital printing lets you get creative with your sleeved cans. Choose vibrant colours, engaging graphics and even unique QR codes to enhance the customer experience and brand visibility. Since everything is printed from digital files, you can easily create the design yourself or hire a professional graphic designer to manifest your vision. Since they’re sent over the internet, it doesn’t matter where the plans originate.

You can even review the final product before it goes to print. Once the printer receives the files, it can scale them appropriately and give you a true-to-life preview. If you don’t like what you see, you can make adjustments, saving you the cost of misprinted packaging.

Prints on a Variety of Packaging

Packaging material varies by-product for aesthetic and protective reasons, so you obviously put a lot of thought into which to use. Digital printing is compatible with a wide range of materials, so you never have to compromise:

You can even order a varnish or lamination coat for an extra layer of protection and a glossy finish. The effect is professional-looking and eye-catching.

Makes High-Quality Prints

If you want crisp lines and rich colours, digital printing is the obvious choice. High-quality toners produce high-quality graphics, so you don’t have to skimp on detail for fear the image will be muddled. You can also count on your chosen colours coming through as you envisioned since there’s no room for error. The traditional printing process requires colour matching, a time-intensive process that isn’t 100% guaranteed.

Label quality impacts consumers’ perception of your products and even your brand. Digitally printed packaging is a wise investment that can grow your customer base and safeguard your reputation.

Is Environmentally Friendly

Finally, choosing digital printing is an easy way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Consumers are increasingly invested in businesses’ environmental efforts, so it’s in your best interest to decrease your impact on the planet. Traditional printing requires more equipment and wastes ink on top of its other disadvantages. You’re doing yourself and the Earth a favour when you choose digital printing.

When it’s time to print labels, Kinsbrae Packaging is the company to contact. We offer top-quality customer service and packaging for a variety of industries. No matter your needs, we can deliver. For more information or a quote request, contact us by phone or reach out online.


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