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Bring on Patio Season with Kinsbrae’s Sleeved Cans!

As frigid winter temperatures give way to the warmer spring and summer climate of Canada, more Canadians are taking advantage of the longer days and more comfortable temperatures by taking entertainment outside to their back patios. Warmer temperatures and more outside activity translate to a spike in sales for cold drinks, so now is the ideal time to perfect your packaging so that your brand sells well during the spring and summer. Kinsbrae Packaging is ready to help with customized beverage packaging options.

How Does Patio Season Affect Beverage Sales?

During the spring and summer seasons, Canadians are more likely to spend a significant portion of time out on the back patio. Whether they are visiting restaurants or hosting backyard barbecues with family members and friends, they want cold beverages for refreshment. The warm weather marks a spike in beverage sales, and because there are so many options available, it’s crucial to make your packaging stand out from its competition.

Why Does Your Packaging Need To Stand Out?

Many people are creatures of habit and tend to repurchase the same brands of beverage frequently. Often, the only time they are convinced to try out another brand is because of exceptional marketing. Every beverage can has customized colours, fonts and logos that attract people to its design, so if you want to boost the sales of your product you must make your printed cans look different from the competition. They must stand out in some way if you want to improve sales and gain new loyal customers.

How Can Customized Printed Cans Benefit Your Business?

Can sleeves are a great marketing tool because they are cost-efficient, durable and eye-catching. One major benefit of using cans to advertise your product is that they offer 360 degrees of marketing potential. Kinsbrae Packaging offers both printed and sleeved cans to meet your unique needs.

Sleeved cans are a great choice because they are not permanent. If you change your design, it is easy to apply another sleeve over an existing one. The material bonds to the cans so there is no need to worry about these sleeves coming off, and you are free to change your design at any time.

Printed cans are a great option if you want a more durable marketing solution. They are the most cost-efficient solution and allow you to create more cans in a shorter time frame, but if you want to change your design during the manufacturing process, the job is more extensive and costs more to resolve the issue.

At Kinsbrae Packaging, we work hard to make sure you are satisfied with your beverage packaging solutions. Our in-house designers can help you come up with a design that you love and will help you grow your company effectively. Whether you prefer sleeved or printed cans, we use a high-slip coating on all of our products to keep the manufacturing lines flowing smoothly and fill orders quickly. 

We can create customized marketing solutions for cans of any size, and we even offer customized sizes if your bottle or can doesn’t come in a traditional size. We’ll work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you are satisfied with your can. We want to help you create a marketing solution that reflects your brand accurately and improves your sales.

Contact Kinsbrae Today To Improve Your Packaging

With patio season upon us, now is the perfect time to improve your sleeved cans to maximize your marketing campaign. Make a good first impression by creating a customized packaging solution that enhances your brand. Contact Kinsbrae Packaging today to get started.


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