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Check out the New Frugal Bottle Available at Kinsbrae

With concern for the climate crisis at an all-time high, Kinsbrae Packaging is always looking for sustainable, eco-friendly packaging options to add to our repertoire. We are proud to add the Frugal Bottle to our lineup of sustainable products. Ideal for packaging wine and spirits, these paper bottles are lightweight, recyclable and good at reducing carbon footprints, so if you are looking for alternative packaging solutions to glass bottles for your wine or spirits, Frugal Bottles are a great choice. Here are three reasons you should consider switching to paper bottles.

The Look

Unlike traditional wine and spirit bottles that are comprised entirely of glass, Frugal Bottles are made up of recycled paper. This design makes these bottles lightweight. It also allows you to apply any branding strategy and design to the paper. One major benefit of using Frugal Bottles for your wine or spirits is that these paper containers are made almost entirely of recycled materials. The materials used to make them are 94% recycled, and it takes less energy to produce mass paper bottles than it does to create a single glass bottle. If the lightweight design isn’t enough to convince you to make the switch to paper bottles, the fact that paper bottles drastically reduce your carbon footprint should.

The Purpose

Making the switch to sustainable packaging materials is a top priority for many companies. It may not always be the most cost-efficient option, but doing your part to help the environment is a good way to attract customers and decrease your carbon footprint so you feel good about your business values. Switching to paper bottles reduces your carbon footprint by up to 84%. It makes your company’s products more desirable for consumers who are interested in preserving the environment. Studies also show that paper packaging may be the most cost-efficient method for wine and spirits in the future as material prices come down and consumers grow used to the change in how their alcohol is packaged.

The Use

If you think that paper is not the best material to hold wine or spirits, you are not alone. Many people worry that paper bottles affect the flavour of the liquid inside. Others are concerned about what happens when the bottle gets damp. Although these are realistic concerns, the Frugal Bottle avoids both of these issues with its high-quality construction.

For example, the wine/spirit inside the container is packaged within a food-grade plastic pouch. The paper bottle holds the pouch, but because it does not actually touch the liquid, you don’t have to worry about your wine/spirit being tainted by the material. It is true that paper bottles don’t need to get soaking wet, but a little dampness will not cause the bottle to disintegrate. The best way to chill a paper bottle is to place it in a dry chiller instead of a bucket of ice. If you forget and accidentally place a paper bottle in ice, the packaging may start to disintegrate but the plastic pouch inside will keep your beverage safe for consumption.

Where To Find The Frugal Bottle

If you want to invest in sustainable packaging for your business, Kinsbrae Packaging is the place to go. We have a vast inventory of packaging options, including eco-friendly ones like the Frugal Bottle. When you purchase packaging from us, we help you with the design. We want our packaging options to provide good branding for your company, and our dynamic marketing team can help you find a design that is perfect for the needs of your company.

Buy Frugal Bottles Today

At Kinsbrae Packaging, we are always trying to improve our carbon footprint and offer our customers sustainable packaging materials. The Frugal Bottle is the perfect addition to our lineup. Contact us today to purchase paper bottles for your company!


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