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Custom Sleeved Can Designs Create Unique Products

5 Benefits of Custom Sleeved Can Designs

Canned wine in Ontario is a relatively new addition to the market. Because it is unfamiliar, some customers may be hesitant to give it a try at first. Sleeved cans with custom designs may help to get the attention and spark the interest of potential customers. However, it is not only canned wine that can benefit from custom packaging. It can benefit other spirits, beer, nutraceuticals, food, and soft drinks as well.

1. Attracting Customers’ Attention

If people don’t know about your product, they are unlikely to buy it. There are many ways of drawing attention to your product, but one of the most effective is at the point of sale. To do this effectively, you have to get your product to stand out from the competitors that are surrounding it on the shelf. Sleeved cans with colourful designs are the most effective way to do that. Because the sleeves are custom, the design can be completely original, giving you a chance to say something significant about your company and its character and values, something that is likely to resonate with consumers.

2. Increasing Relevance

There are times when it might be of benefit to have packaging that appears old-fashioned. For example, a well-established company can give the impression of trustworthiness and dependability. However, there is a difference between old-fashioned and outdated. When it comes to food and beverages, many companies are looking to reach relatively younger demographics that may care less about dependability and trustworthiness and more about excitement. You need packaging that demonstrates your relevance, and what better way to convey that message than with a fresh approach to labelling and packaging that features new logos or colours.

3. Redefining Your Image

Maybe the issue isn’t that your packaging seems outdated. Maybe your company has undergone a significant change in philosophy. You may have a new message that you want to communicate to consumers, but how do you reach them in the current environment in which distractions abound and attention spans have grown so short as to be almost immeasurable?

New labelling with custom sleeved cans is an effective way to communicate your new messaging to the consumer. Not only that but, because the messaging happens at or near the point of sale, you have a chance to share your message at the point where it is most likely to influence buying decisions. Many of the products that benefit from custom packaging tend to be impulse buys, so point-of-sale influence can be extremely powerful.

4. Introducing New Products

Maybe you are diversifying your offerings, branching out by offering new products. This can be an exciting endeavour, but it can also be confusing for your loyal customers, who may not recognize at first that the new product is from your company. You can clear up any confusion while drawing attention to your new product by creating custom packaging that features your logo, making it both familiar and intriguing.

5. Creating a New Marketing Campaign

Marketing is a way to inform customers about your product and raise interest in it. A new product label naturally lends itself to a new marketing campaign. You can use the new label as a focus of your campaign, explaining the reasons for the change and helping people get excited about it. A new marketing campaign also gives you the opportunity to break out of your current niche and reach new customers who may not have known about your product before.

Custom sleeved cans for canned wine in Ontario offers many benefits over the customary labels. They offer 360 degrees of advertising space on every can and, unlike a label, they cannot be pulled off. Find out more about the KinsBrae Packaging process and more specific benefits.


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