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Eco-Friendly Packaging for Cans and Bottles With Single-Use Plastics Ban in Canada

Canada is banning single-use plastics in an attempt to curb the environmental impact. In response, businesses are moving to more sustainable options, such as eco-friendly six-pack rings for beer and other canned beverages. Of course, some companies may wonder if the switch is worth the logistical effort.

Do these alternatives offer the same level of quality? Is the plastic problem really that bad? Let’s take a look at the facts.

Why Is Plastic a Problem?

The biggest issue with plastic is that it doesn’t naturally degrade. Organic material decomposes, aided by bacteria that naturally break down items into basic components that enrich the soil. In contrast, plastic takes 1,000 years to disintegrate, but it doesn’t become nourishing. Instead, it turns into microplastics, which infiltrate the water and land. In fact, human beings ingest about a plateful of microplastics a year without realizing it.

People aren’t the only ones facing this issue — helpless wildlife may try to eat plastic litter, thinking it’s food. Since plastic is undigestable, it gets stuck in the digestive tract, potentially killing the animal that ate it. Plastic may also “replace” nutrient-rich food, making animals feel full while actually getting no calories, causing them to starve to death.

Wildlife can also get caught in large pieces of plastic, such as six-pack rings and plastic bags. Trapped, they may be at the mercy of predators or in danger of suffocating.

How Are Eco Rings Different?

Eco Rings are made of biodegradable fibre byproducts. That means they’ll eventually break down in landfills and won’t release toxic chemicals. They’re also safe for animals to eat, so if a turtle or other aquatic creature gets stuck in the ring, it can chew its way out without harm.

Additionally, Eco Rings are recyclable, whereas most plastic rings aren’t. There are many types of plastic, and most recycling centers aren’t equipped to process all of them. In contrast, Eco Rings are made of compostable fibre, which means your beer packaging could go on to fertilize a garden.

Of course, you may wonder if something biodegradable can be as durable as plastic. Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes. Eco Rings reliably hold cans in place, even in damp environments. They’re also relatively affordable, putting them within reach of small, environmentally conscious businesses.

Why Switch to Biodegradable Packaging?

While Canada-based businesses must make this change, companies in other countries can benefit from doing the same. Sustainability is a big factor for consumers, and biodegradable packaging is an excellent way to show your company prioritizes the environment. Greenwashing is all too prevalent, so walking the walk can help your company stand out.

Of course, optics aren’t the only reason to care about sustainability. Corporations are the top polluters, which means they have the most power to enact change. Fossil-fueled climate change and toxin-contaminated water affect everyone, and the longer we allow pollution to continue unchecked, the harder it will be to fight the effects. Business owners can improve the planet’s health and create a brighter future by decreasing the demand for single-use plastics.

Making the switch can also have a positive impact on your bottom line. Light-weight, durable packaging means lower shipping costs, giving you a wider profit margin. You may also save money by choosing containers made from recycled material.

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