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How Can Your Packaging Improve Sales?

Ways That Packaging Can Improve Sales

Most business owners know that the quality of their products is what gets customers to make repeat purchases and put in a good word about the company to others. However, other factors can influence your sales as well. One of them is marketing, or how well you advertise your products and services to people in your local market. Another is the packaging that you use. Packaging is important because it is one of the first things customers notice about the items you have for sale. Packaging should be eye-catching, unique, and reflect the values of your business. Here are some ways that paper labels and other custom packaging materials can improve sales. 

Packaging Ensures Integrity of the Product

In addition to the label itself, packaging entails things such as the materials used to wrap the product during transport. For example, if someone purchases an item at a shopping mall, other shoppers see the bag they are using to carry the item. The bag usually has the name and logo of the store where they made the purchase embellished on the sides. These designs might catch the attention of other shoppers and make them consider going to that store to buy an item. 

Packaging is also important when it comes to shipping an item to a customer. Many products that are purchased online are fragile, so materials such as bubble wrap, shredded paper, and air pillows are necessary to ensure the item does not get shifted around or break during transport. Detailed wrapping shows the recipient that careful attention to detail was made upon shipping the item, and customers whose items arrive undamaged are more likely to order from the company again. 

Paper Labels are Cheap and Effective

Paper labels have been around for many years and are a staple in various industries, from companies that sell packaged alcohol to businesses that sell personal care products. Some of the main reasons for this is that paper labels are inexpensive to produce and can be self-adhesive, making it simple to attach the label to a product. Being affordable is important in the event that your company wants to change its logo or some aspects of its key designs. Paper labels make it cost-effective to switch to new custom packaging for your brand. 

Our paper labels can be further customized with a choice of semigloss, gloss, texture, and other finishes. Choose which finish best suits you and the products you have for sale. We even offer paper that can withstand water for all your cold food and beverage packaging needs. 

Custom Packaging Makes an Impression

Labels and other exterior markings of an item are what make or break a customer’s first impression. For this reason, it is essential to use labels, bags, and other packaging options that catch the customer’s eye. For items where a paper label is less practical, packaging such as plastic tubs, corrugated boxes, and sleeves for cans and bottles also make a lasting impression.

Corrugated boxes, for example, are not only sturdy and durable but give customers the idea that your company strives to be environmentally friendly. Eco rings, which are biodegradable alternatives to the plastic rings that hold six-packs of beer and soda together, also give environmentally conscious customers a favourable impression of your business. Eco rings cause less harm to wildlife than plastic packaging materials. 

If you own a business that manufactures products and are looking for a wide variety of packaging options for those products, contact Kinsbrae Packaging today. We offer labels, sleeves, boxes, and other packaging supplies that you can customize to suit your company. 


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