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Impressive Facts You Should Know About the Paper Bottle!

The right packaging can transform your wine, spirits or olive oil brand, but finding an option that checks all the boxes is a tall order. Fortunately, the Paper Bottle meets a variety of needs with its unique composition. Utilizing this new paper packaging can save money, appeal to environmentally-minded consumers and set your product apart.

The Paper Bottle Saves Your Company Money

There’s a reason it’s called the “Paper bottle” — it’s cheap to manufacture. In fact, it costs about as much as traditional labelled glass bottles.

However, paper bottles have another trick up their sleeves: they’re incredibly light. A glass bottle of comparable size is five times heavier, which affects shipping. You can ship the same number of paper bottles for a much lower price than glass.

There’s also the issue of fragility. Glass bottles require extra packing to prevent breakage in transit, which creates several problems:

  • You need to allocate funds for cushioning.

  • You can’t fit as many bottles into a shipment.

  • You have to make peace with the possibility of losing bottles en route.

In contrast, paper bottles are much less fragile, requiring the same packing as regular cardboard goods.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Glass has been a mainstay due to its recyclability, but economic shifts are making it less viable in recent years. For one thing, some recycling plants no longer accept glass since there’s a limited resale market. That means eco-friendly customers may turn to a material that all recycling operations welcome: paper.

The Paper Bottle even includes deconstruction instructions to make recycling easy. While the interior container is not yet recyclable, there are plans to change that.

There’s also the issue of manufacturing sustainability. While you can infinitely recycle glass, the initial creation has a sizable carbon footprint. The paper bottle’s effects on the environment are much smaller:

  • Four times less water is used than in glass production

  • One-third less carbon is generated than plastic bottle manufacturing

  • 84% less carbon is generated than glass bottle manufacturing

It Offers Design Customization

Paper bottles are the perfect way to stand out on the store shelf. Made from recycled material, they’re sure to catch the eye of consumers who prioritize sustainability.

You can also fully customize the label to reflect your brand. In addition to the standard wine industry label, you get 360-degree design space that can include branding on the top and bottom. This little detail offers new ways to connect with consumers:

  • Include jokes or quotes

  • Print QR codes for virtual experiences

  • Offer discounts or chances to win sweepstakes

You also get the same print quality associated with plastic or paper labels, but printed directly on the bottle. Vibrant colours, intricate patterns and gorgeous illustrations are all on the table, allowing you to embody your company’s vision.

Finally, these lightweight bottles will appeal to aficionados on the go. Lugging a glass jug to a get-together is no one’s cup of tea, and bringing a bag or box of wine may prompt judgment from friends. A lightweight paper bottle is safe and easy to transport for a party or picnic, making it an obvious choice for individuals planning to indulge away from home.

It’s Available At Kinsbrae Packaging

Here at Kinsbrae, we’re proud to provide the highest quality packaging for a variety of industries. Our digital printing process produces vibrant designs at an affordable price — we can even manufacture small and medium orders, enabling you to reap the benefits of limited editions. Digital printing also means fast production and a lower environmental impact.

Do you need assistance with design? Our in-house professionals can help you create the perfect bottle label. This approach also means faster production since you don’t have to communicate with a third party. If this sounds like the ideal arrangement, it’s time to contact Kinsbrae Packaging or visit us online.


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