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Take the Kinsbrae Portavino Bottle Where Glass Can’t Go!

What Are the Advantages of PortaVino Aluminum Bottles?

Aluminum containers keep beverages fresher and preserve flavour because they are opaque and do not let light through. Glass bottles for wine and other beverages are often tinted to block some of the light but not all.

PortaVino aluminum bottles are durable. They are shatterproof; if dropped on the ground, they may dent, but they won’t break. They are also lightweight, and because of their 250 mL size, are easy to slip into a large purse or backpack to carry anywhere, such as to a BYOB party. PortaVino bottles are also resealable, which helps to prevent spills and also allows your customers to close them up and save some of their beverage for later if they don’t happen to finish it all in one sitting.

Aluminum is one of the most eco-friendly packaging options. While other recyclable materials may have to have virgin material added after a while to maintain the integrity of the packaging, aluminum is infinitely recyclable. This plus the fact that aluminum is the most abundant metal on Earth makes it inexpensive to use for packaging. The size of the bottle and the fact that it is resealable help to cut down on waste because your customers don’t have to buy more wine than they want to drink, and they can save whatever they don’t finish until later.

If you’re looking for custom packaging, PortaVino bottles made of aluminum are a great choice. You can work with one of our designers to plan your own 360-degree label for your bottles. We can then apply it as a custom sleeve. The sleeves don’t come off regardless of the environmental conditions they are subjected to, but having sleeves does not affect the recyclability of the PortaVino aluminum bottle. The sleeving plus sleek bottle shape gives your product shelf appeal with a high-end look that fits right in alongside traditional glass bottles.

In What Situations Could Aluminum Bottles Be Useful?

Many outdoor venues, such as campgrounds, beaches, stadiums, and picnic spots, do not allow the use of glass bottles on their premises. It is a matter of safety in case a glass bottle breaks. Glass can fracture into very tiny shards that can be difficult to clean up completely and can be dangerous if stepped on. 

Aluminum bottles can be crushed or dented, but they do not break and therefore do not pose a safety hazard. Therefore, your customers could bring them to an outdoor concert or sporting event, enjoy them on a picnic with friends, or relax with a bottle of wine on the beach or by the pool while listening to the soothing sounds of the water. When they are finished, they can dispose of the bottle in a recycling bin for aluminum, a common fixture in many venues.

What Makes PortaVino Bottles Especially Good for Sparkling Wine?

Aluminum was chosen for carbonated sodas in the first place because it does not rust and therefore can be stored for a long time. Aluminum also stands up to the pressure that carbonated beverages place onto the container, preventing leaks. The same issues are present with sparkling wine, and PortaVino bottles offer the same advantages as aluminum cans in this regard.

Find Out More About Our Innovative, Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our PortaVino wine bottles offer advantages to you, your customers, and the entire planet. Learn more about working with us to create your own custom packaging.


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