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Ways To Make Your Shipping Packaging Stand Out

A corrugated cardboard box is the standard shipping container when mailing products. The reasons for its popularity are obvious: It’s durable, lightweight and recyclable. Of course, with so many companies adopting this container, it’s easy for brands to get lost in the crowd. How can you make your packages stand out?

Fortunately, corrugated cardboard is the perfect material for innovative design ideas. With the help of a packaging company, you can create boxes that leave a lasting impact.

Enhance the Unboxing Experience

Many people love getting mail because of the anticipation — there’s something exciting about opening boxes, even if they already know what’s inside. You can lean into this feeling by enhancing the unboxing experience.

The first step is using enticing colours. Even if you prefer to keep the outside brown, the inside should be lively and vibrant. The cushioning material should keep to the theme, offering a cohesive palette that sparks appreciation and joy.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to thank your customers. Putting a bold “thank you” message on the inside of the lid lets recipient know how much you value their patronage. Welcome them to enjoy your goods and order more.

Finally, look into gifts or inserts. For example, a coupon code goes a long way toward turning a one-time purchaser into a returning customer. Small gifts are another excellent idea since they’re low-cost but yield a high return on investment:

  • Stickers

  • Candy

  • Temporary tattoos

Even better than random gifts are personalized samples. With data-tracking software, it’s easier than ever to identify products that may interest customers. Recipients will appreciate the effort and may discover a new item to buy in the future.

Reference Your Social Media Accounts

Print and digital marketing strategies shouldn’t be separate; instead, you should use one to promote the other. Referencing social media on the packaging is simple and cost-effective, as it takes up minimal space. A quick invite to check out your Twitter or Instagram account is enough to draw interested consumers to your page. A QR code is even better, as it shortens the process.

Customers can also promote your brand by using a particular hashtag. You can incentivize people to post about their purchases with associated giveaways.

Customize the Branding of Your Corrugated Cardboard Box

Keeping your packaging design in line with your brand is crucial to building trust and familiarity. Customers should be pleasantly surprised but not confused when they open their boxes. Consistent branding is especially important if you reference social media since the packaging will set expectations. If your shipping container and online presence don’t match up, it’ll raise red flags.

However, it’s essential not to put yourself in a box — pun intended. You can keep your branding fresh by revamping the design every so often. The holidays are an excellent opportunity to flex your innovation muscles and give patrons something special. A seasonal or holiday theme also shows recipients you’re invested in their engagement.

Additionally, you should consider the physical configuration of your cardboard container. Is it easy to open? Will customers get confused about which side is up? Use your packaging design to make the opening process as smooth as possible.

If you use corrugated cardboard boxes, you need a reliable manufacturer. Fortunately, Kinsbrae Packaging offers the highest quality service. Our boxes are durable enough to survive the postal system with the contents intact and can even be reused by patrons. When disposed of, the material quickly biodegrades.

We can also help you customize a range of packaging, from aluminum can labels to plastic tubs. We’re proud to help businesses stand out from the competition. To learn more about our solutions, give us a call or contact us through our online form.


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