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Why Kinsbrae’s Paper Bottle Packaging Is the Right Option for Your Product

Custom packaging materials are essential for promoting your brand, as they represent your company on grocery store shelves. Unique, innovative and eco-friendly containers can go a long way toward expanding your customer base, especially as consumers become more thoughtful about their purchases. To that end, many brands are eager to replace the traditional plastic bottle. Fortunately, there’s now an alternative: paper.

Everything You Should Know About Paper Bottle Packaging

While many people believe the paper bottle is a new phenomenon, it’s actually over 100 years old. Invented in 1915, the paper bottle has quite a history, though it never gained the same widespread use as glass and plastic. With fewer recycling plants accepting glass and fears of microplastics rising, manufacturers have revisited this concept and made a few tweaks.

Today’s paper bottle is quite different from its original design, yet it shares many of the same benefits. As a result, more and more companies are willing to explore this sustainable option.

What Is Paper Bottle Packaging?

While it’s called a paper bottle, the container isn’t 100% organic material. Instead, the external container is stiff paperboard, while a plastic, food-grade interior pouch holds the liquid. This design provides multiple layers of protection for the contents while minimizing the plastic used.

You can use a paper bottle for any fluid typically stored in a plastic container:

  • Wine

  • Spirits

  • Water

  • Juice

The unique folds in the bottle make it easy for consumers to recycle, an appealing trait for the environmentally minded.

What Are the Benefits of Paper Bottle Packaging?

The most obvious benefit of paper bottle packaging is its sustainability. Many manufacturers utilized recycled paperboard for their containers, reducing the amount of natural resources consumed per product.

Paper containers are also lighter and less fragile than glass, making them easier and less expensive to ship. When you ship glass, you must add padding to ensure a safe delivery, which can cut into the space available in each container. The total weight also limits the number of glass bottles you can ship in one truck, necessitating more shipments, which costs more. You can fit more paper bottles in the same space, reducing shipping costs.

Finally, the paperboard exterior offers limitless options for packaging labels. You can print on all 360 degrees of the surface, providing more creative opportunities. The high quality of the material will also draw consumers’ eyes and make a favourable impression, as it shows how much you care about your customers’ experience.

How Is Paper Bottle Packaging Sustainable?

Unlike organic materials, plastic doesn’t decompose and becomes part of the life cycle. Instead, it degrades into smaller and smaller pieces, which enter the water supply. Animals and people then consume these microplastics, potentially leading to health problems. While there are plenty of campaigns urging people to recycle their plastic bottles, the truth is that most plastics aren’t fit for recycling. Those eligible for recycling can only undergo the process a few times before becoming dangerously degraded.

The paperboard is biodegradable, eliminating this problem. It’s also more sustainable than glass, as it requires fewer resources. This reduction in carbon footprint can be a game changer, as 35 million Americans consider sustainability when wine shopping. The ability to offer something new and eco-friendly is appealing to many wine producers, with a growing percentage planning to offer paper containers in the future.

Kinsbrae’s Custom Packaging for Paper Bottles

When you need packaging, Kinsbrae Packaging delivers. This manufacturer offers a variety of options, including trays, boxes and sleeves. It even provides in-house designers to help you create a design that stands out and embodies your brand. The printing process allows for small and medium runs, allowing you to trial new designs or offer limited editions. To learn more, visit the Kinsbrae Packaging website or give us a call.


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