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shawn bonnick


I was born in London Ontario but raised in Georgetown as well as Oakville. In Oakville, I was introduced to the excitement of being an entrepreneur where I started my first company. This leads me down the path of Economics at the University of Windsor. It’s all about supply and demand!

After school, I moved to Waterloo, Ontario where I met my lovely wife Jen, and started company number two. Shortly after selling it, I decided it was time to learn what the big guys were doing and started my career in the packaging industry. During this time my wife and I were very pleased to have started our family with our 2 girls – Kinsley and Braelyn. Hence KinsBrae! The passion for entrepreneurship is something I never let go of and with having a family, I wanted something not only I could be proud of, but generations on could be as well. A place where the employees were just as much of a family as our customers would be.

When not at the office, I am spending my time either with my kids, playing sports, or racing cars on one of our local circuits. 

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