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4 Benefits of Custom Cardboard Packaging for Small Business

Do not underestimate the value of a corrugated cardboard box! Not only can they be customized to your specs, but they also save you money, keep your product safe, have a broad range of uses, and help you stand out from your competitors. Not all cardboard packages are created alike. Investigate the benefits of custom cardboard packaging.

1. Save Money 

Many suppliers and manufacturers use chemical compounds such as plastic bubble wrap and styrofoam. These tend to be more expensive because of the costs of producing them. A cardboard box is made of natural fibers that are readily available. Their lightweight composition also reduces your shipping cost. Purchase them in high quantities at wholesale prices. The thickness of the corrugated walls can be customized based on your budget.

Reduce the frequency of returns and refunds that drive up your costs as well. A sturdy box will protect the product from door to door, resulting in more satisfied customers and more efficiency for your business.

2. Keep Your Product Safe 

The goal of any packaging solution is to protect the integrity of what’s inside. Cardboard packaging is sturdy yet lightweight. Foils and insulated linings can be added for perishable materials. The walls of the box are puncture-resistant and structurally sound. The corners and edges of the boxes can be reinforced with bolsters and trim so that there is no quality loss during the shipping process. If a box is dropped or jostled in the shipping process, your product is less likely to be damaged because of our corrugation, which creates a spring-like barrier to absorb and diffuse the impact.

3. Use Boxes in Many Contexts

Foods, medicines, cosmetics, technologies, and many diverse products can be safely shipped in cardboard packaging. A wide range of sizes and shapes exists to fit whatever you are selling. Takeout containers can be customized by the type of food. Dry goods such as paper and bulk office supplies fit easily in rectangular boxes.

Other items such as display shelving for merchandising need unique, asymmetrical designs. Custom boxes can be designed for endcaps and checkout stand fixtures. You never have to worry that your display shelves will be too big for the products they house. A selection of customized packaging options lets you design exactly what you need.

4. Stand Out From Your Competitors

The first thing a potential customer sees is the packaging you have chosen. Yes, people do judge books by their covers! Create an eye-catching and memorable product presentation. Grocery store shelves are a competitive marketplace. Shoppers select their purchases based on the appearance of the packaging just as often as they decide based on price.

Using psychological persuasion through appealing brand design in your packaging will help you maintain your competitive edge. Graphics, fonts, colours, and images can all be easily imprinted on a cardboard box. Turn shoppers into customers with state-of-the-art digital printing and branding techniques.

Contact Kinsbrae for Corrugated Cardboard Box Solutions

Clients consistently come back to us for our excellent customer service and exacting attention to detail. Our high-performance premium packaging is second-to-none. We have been in business since 2014. Our digital printing process for box branding allows you to:

  • Request multiple mock-ups with a minimal cost increase.

  • Enhance your box’s aesthetic with varnish laminate coating. 

  • Produce short-run quantities at affordable prices. 

  • Reduce your environmental impact. 

  • Get quick proofs with prompt production and delivery. 

  • See exactly what you’re getting before you purchase.

Reach out to us today to learn about the many solutions we offer. We have served several Fortune 500 companies while also prioritizing small and medium-sized businesses. We strive to be nimble and flexible as we meet your needs.


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