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What is Flexo Printing for Aluminum Cans?

If you sell any type of beverage, using printed cans to promote your product is a great marketing technique. Flexographic printing is a technique that has been used since 1926 to transfer logos to aluminum cans and create strong, recognizable brands, and Kinsbrae Packaging is happy to provide you with flexo printing options to enrich your company.

What Is Flexo Printing?

Simply put, flexo printing is the process printers use to etch logos, colours and text onto aluminum cans. This process is complicated, but it is a great option for branding beverages such as:

  • Sparkling water

  • Soda

How Does Flexo Printing Work?

Flexo printing starts with a graphic designer who creates the logo and design that you want to be etched onto aluminum cans. You then finalize the text, font, colour and logo before the printing process can begin.

With direct printing, once the design has been approved, the can is placed into a machine that engraves the cans with ink. The background colour comes first, followed by the logo and finally any text. Between each step, the can must undergo a drying process that adheres the ink to the aluminum. This drying process is crucial for locking in the design and preventing colours from bleeding together.

Some printers use image carrier services to transform designs onto aluminum cans. This process consists of either a circular mould, a sleeve, or a plate, that goes over the can and then transfers the ink onto it. Once the mould transfers the image to the can, it is then moved to the drying area to cure. A “stay-away” line is important for aluminum cans, as it helps to keep the colours from smudging and overlapping. The stay-away line is created by moving the mould slightly as the can is moved to the drying process. 

Both methods are types of flexo printing and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Directly printing on aluminum cans can be a little more time-consuming but has less margin for error, while image carrier services are often the most cost-effective. Consider the unique needs of your business to determine which method of printing cans is most beneficial for your branding and budget. Regardless of which option you choose, flexo printing offers many benefits for your business so you can build a recognizable brand.

What Are the Benefits of Using Flexo Printing?

Using cans to package beverages offers your business many benefits. The primary advantage is that printed cans are an extremely cost-effective packaging option, as they allow you to produce printed cans in mass quantities, and on a budget. Because cans can withstand extreme temperatures without affecting the quality of the beverage inside, they are a better investment for protecting and storing your product, so you don’t lose money due to ruined products.

Printed cans are easily identifiable to consumers, which can help build brand recognition. If you work with Kinsbrae Packaging to produce printed cans for your business, we can provide internal warehouse options to help with storing extra cans until you need them.

Use Flexo Printing To Build Your Brand

Using printed cans is a great way to make your product stand out from its competitors. Kinsbrae Packaging has one of the best flexographic printing programs to help you build a strong brand that resonates with consumers. As a partner with Ardagh, you can be confident in trusting our printed can services to enrich your business. Contact us today to get started.


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