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NEWS RELEASE – Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, April 24, 2024, 8:00 AM ET

Pioneering Canadian packaging company KinsBrae Packaging has been selected as a finalist at the prestigious SIAL  Innovation Competition – a unique international competition that awards the best innovations in food and non-food  products – for the 2024 Innovation Award, with the first paper bottle for wine, spirits, and olive oil. 

The annual SIAL Innovation Competition is the DNA of SIAL events worldwide. SIAL Innovation is a platform for the  most innovative products globally, providing participants with an experience that will enable them to discover the  latest trends in the food and beverage industry.

KinsBrae’s KB Bottle is the world's first commercially available paper bottle designed for non-carbonated beverages and oils. Made from 100% recycled paperboard, they are five times lighter than a normal glass bottle; weighing just  83g. KB Bottles have a carbon footprint up to six times lower than a glass bottle; they use 77% less plastic than a  plastic bottle, and their water footprint is four times lower than a typical glass bottle. 

KinsBrae Packaging manufactures KB Bottles on the Frugal Bottle Assembly Machine (FBAM-1), established by UK  company, Frugalpac. This is the first machine in the world and is now running at full production in Cambridge,  Ontario, Canada.  

“It’s exciting that this innovative, sustainable, and revolutionary alternative to glass is being recognized around the  world, and we are honoured that the KB Bottle has been chosen as a finalist for the SIAL Innovation award!” – Katy  Saito, Marketing Manager, KinsBrae Packaging. 

Ontario based company, Frisky Beaver, was the first winery to launch two wines in the KB Botle in Ontario and can  be found at the LCBO. Launch partner, Georgian Bay Spirit Co.’s Eco-Friendly Gin is also available at the LCBO, with  plans to distribute across Canada. Look for your favourite wine and spirits in the KB Bottle at select wineries,  distilleries, liquor, and grocery store locations across Canada. 

For more information, please contact: 

Katy Saito – KinsBrae Packaging 

About KinsBrae Packaging 

KinsBrae Packaging is a Canadian company founded in 2014, and located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Kinsbrae is  a full-service provider of innovative packaging solutions. We offer sustainable and custom packaging for an array of  industries, including food, beverage, retail, and nutraceuticals. We also offer a variety of in-house services, such as  design, warehousing, logistics and fulfillment, digital printing, co-packing, labelling, sleeving, and manufacturing  paper bottles. For more information about KinsBrae and our services, please visit


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