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Advantages of Kinsbrae Rigid Plastic Products for Food Packaging

Finding the right type of packaging for your company’s products is a crucial aspect of a successful marketing strategy. There are many types of packaging to choose from, but if you want one that is lightweight, durable, cost-efficient and customizable, you should consider using rigid plastic products from Kinsbrae Packaging. We specialize in rigid plastic printing and can customize labels and containers with unique designs to boost your marketing strategy.

Why Choose Rigid Plastic Packaging

Many companies have moved away from plastic packaging in an attempt to be more sustainable, but plastic is actually the most sustainable material available for packaging products. Not only is plastic highly recyclable, but it also reduces CO2. By switching to plastic packaging instead of using alternative methods, companies could reduce CO2 emissions drastically, to the equivalent of taking 16 million gas-burning vehicles off the road. Using plastic packaging is a great way to highlight the sustainability goals of your company.

Plastic packaging is also highly durable. You want your packaging materials to be strong enough to protect the products inside, because if they arrive to your customers damaged, you lose sales and tarnish your business reputation. Plastic withstands corrosion and other types of damage products could sustain during travel. By using plastic to pack your products, you can ensure they arrive at their destination in as good shape as you sent them in.

Plastic packaging is also lightweight, making it easy to transport. Other types of packaging weigh you down and cost more to ship, but plastic is easy to move around and costs less to manufacture. It is a strong material, but because it is so lightweight, you don’t require much plastic to create different moulds to successfully hold your products. The lightweight packaging appeals to your customers as much as it does to the company.

Finally, plastic packaging is cost-efficient and versatile. You can mould plastic into a wide variety of shades, so whether you need bottles, trays, bags, tubs or containers, rigid plastic packaging is a great option. It doesn’t cost much to print because it is so lightweight, so if you are looking for a way to improve your marketing strategy on a budget, investing in the rigid plastic products from Kinsbrae Packaging is a great option.

Why Work With Us

Packaging is arguably the most important aspect of any marketing strategy. You want a label design that is eye-catching so people are more likely to purchase your products while perusing the store shelves, but you also want a type of packaging that is strong and durable and will protect the products inside. Rigid plastic printing from Kinsbrae Packaging meets all of these criteria.

We work closely with you to help you design a label that matches your brand value and highlights your company goals. We can do the printing in-house to apply the labels to food packaging (with 800 SV) or other containers as needed. Our ability to cut out the middleman and print in-house saves you money and ensures a more high-quality product to help you meet your sales goals.

The final benefit of working with us to create custom plastic packaging is that we work with all types of packaging. Regardless of which type of product your company sells, you can find the following packaging styles in our inventory:

  • Bottles

  • Tubs

  • Food-Grade Containers

  • Trays

Get Started Today

If you’re interested in using rigid plastic packaging to market your products Kinsbrae Packaging is here to help you take your marketing to the next level. We work with all types of plastic containers and can customize labels to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer and get started.


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