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Aluminum Wine Bottles: A Smart Solution for Conscientious Customers

Aluminum bottled wine has many benefits when compared to traditional glass. PortaVino aluminum wine bottles capitalize on a current trend offering shatterproof recyclability, lightweight convenience, and inexpensive innovation. 

The Canned Wine Trend

For the last 10-15 years, wine connoisseurs have been actively looking for a way to transport, reseal, and store fine wines. Glass bottles, with their traditional cork stoppers, are beautiful, but often become too heavy to travel with, are nigh-impossible to successfully reseal, and are prone to breakage. The traditional 750 mL glass bottles are elegant, but suffer from a lack of portability and usually contain too much wine for one person to consume in a single sitting. Thus becomes the challenge of trying to save the wine for another day. Recorking causes the wine to lose a significant portion of its flavour and aroma due to increased oxidation. The solution to these shortcomings is aluminum wine bottles with threaded screw caps and more efficient size and weight. 

Shatterproof and Recyclable

It will definitely ruin a picnic if your glass bottle cracks or shatters while on the way there. Even when dining at home, a simple mistake can cause the wine bottle to crash to the floor, spilling its valuable contents and creating a sizable mess. With PortaVino aluminum, the bottle will hit the ground but not break or crack. 

Aluminum wine bottles are also easily recyclable. Not all communities have glass recycling and some that do require special trips or deposits. Not so with aluminum. Just like other canned goods, aluminum is a commonly recycled metal in most towns and cities in Canada. No separate bins or special pickups are needed. 

Convenient and Lightweight

Traditional 750 mL glass bottles weigh approximately 2.65 pounds when full of wine. The 250 mL aluminum wine bottle weighs exactly half of this, at 1.32 pounds. This makes it an ideal companion when going to the beach, campground, golf course, park, spa, or pool. If you’re travelling long distances and luggage weight is at a premium, just keep your PortaVino bottle sealed and worry less about exceeding airline restrictions. 

Also, keep in mind that many fun outings are compromised by local rules against glass bottles. Given that glass bottles are prone to break and injure others, or create unsightly litter, many beaches, parks, sporting events, swimming pools, festivals, and hiking trails have laws and rules against glass bottles. Aluminum bottles are perfect for these situations because they do not break, and are made of the same material as soda cans or beer, which are commonly accepted in these environments. Just be sure that your wine bottles have the original seal intact so you do not violate any open container laws. 

Innovative Design

Henry Ford famously quipped, “If I had asked the people what they wanted, they would have asked for a faster horse.” Sometimes a new version of an old standard is not automatically popular, but over time, its benefits become apparent and eventually preferred. The smaller, innovative design of the PortaVino aluminum bottle allows your beverage to easily fit into backpacks, bags, and cupholders. It also chills faster than traditional glass bottles, for white wines that can go in the fridge or cool mountain streams.

Request a Quote for PortaVino Bottle Pricing

Reach out to us today for how we can meet your branding and shipping needs. We think you will be surprised at how much money you can save by switching your wine bottling process to aluminum. Call our office in Ontario or use our convenient online message form. We pride ourselves on being a packaging supplier you can trust. 


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