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4,000 people choose KinsBrae’s KB Paper Bottle as Product of the Year

Pioneering Canadian packaging company KinsBrae Packaging has won the prestigious

“Product of the Year” – the world’s largest consumer voted award for product innovation – for

the 2024 packaging category, with the first paper bottle for wine, spirits, and olive oil.

The annual Product of the Year Awards provides a trusted resource to easily guide consumers to the best new products on the market. Chosen by 4,000 Canadian shoppers in a national survey conducted by Kantar, a global leader in consumer research, KinsBrae’s KB Paper Bottle was a clear winner, and was awarded the highly coveted red seal, recognizing the product’s innovation in the packaging category.

KinsBrae’s KB Paper Bottle is the world's first commercially available paper bottle designed for non-carbonated beverages. Made from 100% recycled paperboard, they are five times lighter than a normal glass bottle, weighing just 83g. The KB Paper Bottles also have a carbon footprint up to six times lower than a glass bottle, use 77% less plastic than a plastic bottle, and the water footprint is four times lower than a typical glass bottle.

KinsBrae Packaging manufactures the KB Paper Bottle on the FBAM-1, which was created by UK company, Frugalpac. This is the first paper bottle machine in the world, and is now running at full production in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

KinsBrae is eagerly anticipating the first paper bottles being manufactured on their new

equipment, for partners, Georgian Bay Spirit Co. The highly awarded craft distillery is a favourite amongst Canadian consumers, highly recognized for their Gin Smash. The introduction of Georgian Bay Eco Gin in KB Paper Bottles is a clear expression on their unwavering commitment to sustainability. Scheduled for release in March at the LCBO, and available nationwide, the new botanical-forward Georgian Bay Eco Gin presents consumers with the unique opportunity to indulge in premium craft spirits while actively embracing a more sustainable lifestyle.

Denzil Wadds, Co-Founder of Georgian Bay Spirit Co., “This release encapsulates our collective pride in this partnership with KinsBrae, a collaboration that not only drives positive change through innovation but also embodies our shared vision for a more environmentally conscious future.”

Katy Saito, Marketing Manager at KinsBrae Packaging said: “It is amazing to see that Canadians love and believe in the KB Paper Bottle the same way that we do. This innovative

and sustainable packaging technology offers a disruptive and revolutionary alternative to the

glass bottle, and we are excited to see more companies get on board with the KB Paper Bottle across the country!”

Malcolm Waugh, CEO of Frugalpac, who made the paper bottle machine, said: “We’re

absolutely thrilled for KinsBrae Packaging for their well-deserved win. The fact most of the 4,000 members of the public judging the competition made it a winner shows the KB Paper Bottle really was the people’s choice. We wish them well in making the paper bottle an even greater success across Canada so people can drink responsibly and sustainably!” Frisky Beaver, an Ontario based winery, was the first wine to launch in the Paper Bottle in Ontario and can be found at the LCBO. Look for your favourite wine and spirits in the KB Paper Bottle in select wineries, distilleries, liquor, and grocery store locations across Canada.


For more information, please contact:

Katy Saito – KinsBrae Packaging

Notes to editors.

Photos are available upon request.

About KinsBrae Packaging

KinsBrae Packaging is a Canadian company founded in 2014, and located in Cambridge,

Ontario, Canada. KinsBrae is a full-service provider of innovative packaging solutions. We offer sustainable and custom packaging for an array of industries, including food, beverage, retail, and nutraceuticals. We also offer a variety of in-house services, such as design, warehousing, logistics and fulfillment, digital printing, co-packing, labelling, sleeving, and manufacturing paper bottles. For more information about KinsBrae and our services, please visit

About Product of the Year

Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation.

Established over 35 years ago in France, POY currently operates in over 40 countries with the same purpose: Guide consumers to the best products in their market and reward

manufacturers for quality and innovation. In Canada, the Product of the Year seal is backed by the votes of thousands of Canadian consumers, serving as a shortcut for shoppers to save time and money. For entrants of the winning products, the award is a powerful marketing message proven to increase product awareness, trial, and quality. Product of the Year Canada accepts entries from consumer products that demonstrate innovation in design, function, packaging, or ingredients, and were launched within the previous year (January 2022). A jury comprised of industry experts selects the finalists that meet the Product of the Year standards of value and innovation. Those selected finalists are then categorized and judged through an online survey of Canadian consumers, conducted by Kantar on behalf of Ensemble IQ. Consumers vote and select the winning products they feel are most worthy of both the Product of the Year Canada title and the distinct internationally renowned red seal. Winning products are announced annually and receive the right to use the Product of the Year Canada seal in their marketing and communications for two years. For more information, visit

About Frugalpac

Frugalpac Limited is a British company developing a range of innovative sustainable packaging products. It creates and supplies recycled paper-based products with the lowest carbon footprint that are easily recycled again. Its first product was the Frugal Cup, the world’s only easily recyclable beverage and food cup made from 96% recycled paper. All Frugalpac products are made from at least 90% recycled paper, are easily recyclable again and have the lowest carbon footprint compared with conventional and compostable packaging. Frugalpac has secured £19.6m in funding, £7.6m since 2019. At a time when British business was struggling and funding was in short supply, this young business secured the finance it requires for the next stage of its development. For more information, visit


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