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Custom Packaging Sleeves: Is Canned Coffee Trending?

Looking Into the Canned Coffee Market

Many people start their day off with a cup of coffee for various reasons. Some people enjoy having some caffeine to become more alert and for other people, sitting down to drink a warm beverage is a relaxing part of their morning routine. It is most common for people to either brew their coffee at home or stop by a coffee shop on their way to where they are going. However, canned coffee is becoming more popular, enabling people to simply grab a can with custom packaging sleeves from their fridge without the hassle of making it themselves or making a trip to their local Starbucks.

Benefits of Canned Coffee

There are several benefits of canned coffee and it is easy to see why it is trending. A few of these benefits include:

  • Portability, thanks to leak-proof and sturdy packaging materials 

  • The ability to choose from many varieties of flavours and styles of coffee 

  • No need for any special equipment, such as bottle openers or coffee filters, in order to enjoy the product 

  • Ease of recycling, as most locations in North America accept aluminum cans to be recycled in order to prevent them from accumulating in a landfill 

One potential drawback is that canned coffee is generally meant to be enjoyed cold, which could deter some people who prefer to drink their coffee hot. However, there is still great potential for canned coffee, and this emerging packaging method might even attract people who previously did not drink the beverage.

Who Might Purchase Canned Coffee?

There are many reasons why particular demographic groups purchase certain products while others do not. Some groups that have the potential to be consumers of canned coffee include:

  • Younger people, such as college students who are on the go and looking for a drink that is quick and easy 

  • People on a budget who might be trying to limit or eliminate the number of coffees they purchase from cafes and restaurants

  • People who are interested in caffeinated beverages but are intimidated by the process of making coffee themselves at home

  • Those who are trying to cut down on their soda consumption and are looking for another option

The many different groups who might turn to canned coffee indicate that the product has huge potential in the market.

Types of Canned Coffee

Any trending product needs to have variety in order to keep people from becoming bored with the item. Fortunately, there are endless ways to serve coffee and most of these can be served in canned form. Some types of this canned beverage are:

  • Coffee with plant-based ingredients such as almond, soy, and oat milk alternatives

  • Nitro coffee, provides a smooth and rich taste without the use of creamers and might be appealing to newer coffee drinkers

  • Flash brewed coffee, which some people say has a better taste than coffee brewed in the regular method

  • Coffees with higher caffeine content can be beneficial but should be consumed with caution only by those who know how caffeine affects their bodies

  • Coffees with additional flavourings, such as vanilla, mocha, or caramel 

  • Plain coffee with no added ingredients

There are endless brands of canned coffees, and there is something for everyone to try whether they are seasoned coffee drinkers or not. As this product rises in popularity, expect to see even more varieties of flavour, style, and brewing methods. This is what happened with the craft beer industry as more breweries started to pop up around North America and more styles of canned beers began to be widely distributed.

Whether you are a canned coffee distributor or not, contact Kinsbrae Packaging to provide you with cans, bottles, boxes, and custom packaging sleeves.


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