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Custom Packing Sleeves: Benefits of Canned Cocktails

Why You Need To Try Canned Cocktails!

While there’s always a place for fancy glassware and fruity garnishes at upscale soirees, chances are the next get-together you host will call for a much more casual cocktail service. For the easiest, tastiest option that everyone is sure to love, check out one of the popular canned cocktails that have hit the shelves in recent years. Once you try one, you’ll be convinced they’re the perfect party pick.

What’s more, if you’re in the beverage business yourself, you’ll quickly see that canning your drinks and showing them off with eye-catching custom packaging sleeves is a great way to grab a bigger share of the at-home cocktail market. Here’s why you need to give canned cocktails a try today.

They’re Truly Tasty

You might be skeptical that a canned cocktail can taste as good as a freshly prepared concoction, but one sip of a modern, high-quality beverage will convince you that today’s options are lightyears beyond any sugary drinks you’ve had in the past. The artisanal cocktail renaissance has led innovative mixologists to develop creative recipes that bring delicious blends straight to the consumer.

The best purveyors of canned spirits work through countless formulations to land on the tastiest final product. They labour over finding the right balance between shelf stability and delectability, and many go through rigorous testing to ensure their great flavour remains intact regardless of shipping or storage conditions. That way, every can is consistently delicious.

They Have Impressively High Quality

As interest in portable beverages has grown, so has the demand for drinks with choice components. Check out the ingredient list on a top-quality canned beverage and you’re sure to notice add-ins you wouldn’t expect to find in a portable potable.

It’s not unusual to see cocktails that feature top-shelf liquors and specialized flavourings like raw honey, chamomile, lemon zest, and fresh peach, rather than the artificial ingredients that were a mainstay of previous canned offerings. Some producers use only house-made ingredients to ensure the type of strict quality control it takes to turn out a superior beverage. The effort that today’s producers put into crafting blends with high-quality components is impressive enough to wow even the most ardent cocktail purist.

They’re Perfectly Portable

Of course, the expansion of canned cocktail offerings is a direct result of how convenient they are. The proliferation of tasty, high-quality options makes it even simpler to plan a spur-of-the-moment gathering, so you can focus on having fun rather than labouring over drink prep.

Laying in a supply for your next at-home soiree makes for quick and easy entertaining, but canned beverages really shine when you’re hosting a picnic or beach bash where portability is a priority. From tailgating to yachting, having a cooler full of ready-mixed drinks on hand means you won’t have to pack spirits, mixers, garnishes, or even plastic cups to offer folks more than beer and soda at your away-from-home gathering.

Connect With Kinsbrae for Your Canned Cocktail Packaging Needs

With so many great tasting, top-quality options available, it’s a no-brainer to offer a selection of canned cocktails at your next at-home or on-the-go shindig. As excitement about the endless possibilities for portable potables grows, savvy beverage blenders are noting the opportunity to get in on the trend.

When you’re ready to start producing canned cocktails at your company, turn to an expert in design and presentation like Kinsbrae Packaging. Our branded sleeves fit every size can, and they’re manufactured to stand up to any type of weather or storage conditions. Give us a call to talk about our full range of packaging options, from custom beer cans to retail display shelves, and then get ready to successfully launch your company into the canned cocktail market!


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