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Does Wine Taste Different In A Can?

Can You Tell if Your Wine Is From a Can?

If you are someone who purchases wine, you may have seen or heard of canned wine and wondered if the liquid inside tastes any different than wine from other packaging sources. After all, people expect beer to come from a can, but not other alcoholic beverages like chardonnay. PortaVino aluminum bottles are one such brand that a wine enthusiast may encounter when searching for the boozy beverage in this type of newer packaging.

When most people purchase wine, they expect to find something in glass bottles, which are generally sized around 750ml. They may also find boxes of wine at the liquor store, which stay fresh longer than bottles once opened but usually come in very large sizes. Canned wine is an alternative to glass bottles and boxes. However, when hopping on the canned wine trend, will you be able to tell that the wine is from a can by its taste?

Better Quality Protection

One of the main concerns that people have about wine from an aluminum bottle is that it will have a metallic taste, but just like with beer, this is not the case. Rather than the packaging material, it is the method of drinking that might alter the taste of the wine, but not in a negative way.

Cans help protect the beverage inside from UV rays that can negatively affect the flavour of the wine. When UV light from the sun hits a clear glass bottle, it can cause a chemical reaction in the wine that produces sulphur. Sulphur has a rotten egg-like smell that is quite unpleasant when trying to experience a new wine. So yes, you might be able to taste a difference in canned wine, but in a positive way. Rest assured that pouring wine from a can will not interfere with your next wine-tasting party.


Most people are aware that wine from bottles comes in a wide variety of styles, including cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio, sparkling wine, and more. However, glass bottles generally only come in one standard size, which can be an issue if you go through wine slowly or only drink on limited occasions. Fortunately, Kinsbrae packaging offers two solutions for your wine packaging – the PortaVino 250ml aluminum bottle, or a 250ml sleek can, which is perfect for the wine connoisseur who wants fresh wine without going through an entire 750ml glass bottle quickly.

In addition to a variety of packaging options, cans can be made with labels, they can be printed, or they can be sleeved, all customized to suit the occasion. Paper labels, for example, can be glossy, textured, or made with a number of other types of materials suited to any company’s needs. A company can also choose any design for their customized label. To a winemaking company or distributor, being able to put a label on their product that is exactly to their liking is important because the label is generally the first thing that a customer notices when browsing wine on a supermarket shelf.

PortaVino Aluminum Bottles 

Many customers are pleased to get on board with the canned wine trend, as aluminum bottles provide many other benefits in addition to preserving quality and offering variety. For example, many people choose to take along cans when they are travelling because they are lighter in weight and less prone to breaking than traditional glass bottles.

If you produce wine to package or consult with those who do, contact Kinsbrae Packaging for all your needs. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of using recyclable and inexpensive aluminum bottles rather than glass, and Kinsbrae is happy to get you on board with this trend.


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