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How Sleeves Are a Vital Part of Branding

Packaging drastically impacts a beverage’s popularity and the public’s perception of your brand. Whenever you launch a new drink, the packaging should be one of your top concerns, as a lacklustre design can doom a phenomenal product. Fortunately, sleeves offer customization, ensuring creative control over how your containers look and feel. Of course, before you create an effective design, you must first understand how packaging and marketing intersect.

Why Is Packaging Design Important?

Containers showcase a lot of important information:

  • Company name

  • Flavour / style

  • Nutritional information

However, the colour, font and texture also communicate something: what customers should experience when consuming your product. For example, bright colours and illustrations of water convey refreshments. Consumers looking for something thirst-quenching will be more drawn to this promised experience.

The right design also makes your product stand out. Busy consumers make split-second decisions in the grocery aisle, and an eye-catching container can draw their interest. Doing so is especially important for startups since they don’t have the brand recognition to fall back on.

Finally, thoughtful packaging shows consumers that you care about the details. Customers care whether bottle sleeves feel high-quality — cheap containers make them think you prioritize saving money over crafting a positive experience. Investing in functional, aesthetically pleasing packaging signals that you believe your customers deserve the best.

What Are the Most Popular Designs?

Trends come and go, but certain design principles stand the test of time. For example, if you want to evoke nostalgia and project a sophisticated image, you can utilize calligraphy. Choosing colour schemes commonly used in vintage advertising can enhance the effect.

Speaking of colours, don’t forget that different hues have various psychological impacts:

  • Blue is relaxing.

  • Red increases energy.

  • Green evokes images of nature.

  • Yellow symbolizes happiness.

  • Gray encourages serenity.

Combining these colours can create a mixed effect, which customers will strongly associate with your beverage and brand.

Branding should be one of your top priorities when designing packaging; if your containers are inconsistent with other marketing materials, it undermines the overall impact. Font, line weight, colour, illustration and texture all work together to create branding; even a slight change to one of these elements can drastically change the connotations.

Of course, the packaging isn’t exclusively about aesthetics. You still need to consider functionality, especially where legally required information is concerned. For instance, if you use calligraphy for your company name, limit it to brand information. Nutritional information, weight and warnings should be printed in a simple, readable font.

Why Choose Sleeves for Your Products?

Digital and flexo printing makes it easier than ever to customize sleeves. That means vibrant, opaque colours that won’t bleed when the aluminum or glass sweats. Your products will look phenomenal in a variety of environments:

  • On store shelves

  • In party-goers’ hands

  • In drink coolers

Additionally, you can choose the size and texture. Do you use sleek cans or narrow bottles to make your beverages stand out? You can get a sleeve that fits perfectly.

Sleeves are also highly affordable, so you don’t have to worry about paying astronomical prices for limited runs or custom designs. You can find top-notch packaging that appeals to consumers without taking funds from other areas of your budget.

Finally, sleeves are incredibly durable. A lasting label ensures your branding remains highly visible, keeping your company in mind for longer.

Kinsbrae Packaging is proud to provide top-quality packaging for bottles, boxes and cans. Our materials are long-lasting, and our printing process is eco-friendly, which means a lower carbon footprint for your company. We also offer in-house graphic design if you need assistance creating a unique, engaging container. For more information, give us a call or contact us online.


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