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How The Frugal Bottle Can Keep Wine Cooler Longer

Wine bottles are traditionally made of glass. Although some people are hesitant to try new packaging options, the Frugal Bottle has revolutionized the industry. You may not think that paper bottles are practical for holding wine, but if you know that this alternative packaging option can keep your wine colder for hours, you might change your mind about your preferred type of packaging.

Paper Bottles Preserve the Taste of Wine

It’s no secret that UV rays from the sun are harmful, but you may not know that they can also affect the taste of your wine. UV rays can penetrate traditional glass wine bottles and alter the taste of the wine inside. This is one reason that most wine bottles are dark in colour; the tinted glass minimizes the amount of UV light that gets to the liquid inside. However, glass is not fully effective in deterring UV rays and keeping the taste of the wine preserved for long periods of time.

On the other hand, paper bottles are fully effective at blocking UV rays. These rays cannot penetrate paper, so there is no way that they can alter the taste of the wine. You can test this theory by giving paper bottles a try. Sip on wine that is encased in a glass bottle and then taste a variety that comes in a paper bottle. Make sure that both options were manufactured at the same time. If the one in the paper bottle tastes better, you will understand how the sun’s UV rays affect the taste of wine and realize how innovative the Frugal Bottle is for the wine industry.

Paper Bottles Regulate Wine Temperature

You can refrigerate glass bottles of wine, but extreme temperatures may compromise the integrity of the bottle and change the taste of the liquid inside. You can keep wine bottles in the fridge for short periods of time to chill the liquid, but the wine will quickly return to room temperature when you remove it from the refrigerator.

Paper bottles are much more effective for chilling wine. You can put the Frugal Bottle in the refrigerator for prolonged periods of time without worrying about the change of temperature affecting the taste of the liquid. Unlike glass bottles, paper bottles have a thick plastic covering inside that protects the wine in case the bottle tears or rips. This plastic covering is crucial for helping wine stay cold in the refrigerator. Even when you remove it from the fridge, the wine will maintain a colder temperature for several hours. This makes the Frugal Bottle ideal for chilling wine that you plan to take on a picnic or to a dinner party to gift the host.

Paper Bottles Appeal to Dinner Guests

If you’re afraid of what your dinner guests will think if they see you serving wine from paper bottles, don’t be. The way that paper bottles keep wine cold is sure to win all of your guests over. It preserves the taste of the liquid to give people the best dining experience possible. An additional bonus is that paper is a sustainable material, so if you have guests who are environmentally conscious, you are sure to make them happy by introducing them to a new recyclable packaging option.

Find Paper Bottles at Kinsbrae Packaging

If you’re a traditionalist, you may have trouble making the switch to the Frugal Bottle from its glass counterpart. However, paper bottles are much more sustainable and can help regulate the temperature of the wine inside, so they are the best choice if you enjoy chilled wine. You can find the Frugal Bottle at Kinsbrae Packaging. Contact us today to discuss packaging options.


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