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How To Create a Memorable Package Experience With Box Board

Packaging matters whether you’re in the beverage, food or retail industry. The quality and appearance of containers make an impression on consumers, shaping their perception of your brand. Fortunately, you can take control of this impression with customized boxboard packaging. With the right approach, you can strengthen brand loyalty and expand your customer base.

Customized Structure for Optimal Functionality

When designing packaging, your first concern should be functionality. If the containers are inconvenient or don’t meet customers’ needs, they fail as packaging.

The good news is that boxboard packaging is incredibly versatile, allowing you to create unique shapes that perfectly fit your products. For example, if you sell beverages, you can design a six-can carrier with a sturdy cardboard handle. Customers will appreciate the thoughtful shape and may choose your products over others due to convenience.

Custom shapes are also great for specialty foodstuffs:

  • Cookies

  • Chocolate

  • Tea

You can create custom packaging for your product or even make limited editions to align with holidays. After all, a heart-shaped box of chocolates will surely get more attention on Valentine’s Day than a traditional rectangular container.

Stand Out With Vibrant Graphics

Once you have the shape, you can work on eye-catching visuals. The grocery aisle is filled with products vying for attention, so you need designs that stand out. The good news is that digital printing produces vibrant colours and top-notch graphics, allowing you to manifest your brand vision. For example, if bright rainbow colours are trendy, you can draw attention with a monochrome colour scheme. If simplistic, modern designs are “in,” you can make a splash with elaborate, vintage-inspired graphics.

As you consider your designs, don’t forget about brand consistency. Consumers should be able to easily identify your products as belonging to your brand; if they can’t, they won’t associate their good experience with your company. You should always use branding as a foundation for your packaging designs, as doing so supports your larger marketing efforts. If you need assistance crafting the perfect graphics, our in-house designer can assist.

Of course, the visuals are only part of the equation. You also need an effective way to communicate information about your product:

  • Nutritional information

  • Company contact information

  • Flavour name and description

Beverage manufacturers should consider the 24-can tray, which features information panels for curious shoppers. Available in flexographic or digital printing on kraft or white corrugate, these trays are sturdy, convenient and easily customizable.

Deliver Top-Notch Products With Durable Packaging

Finally, your packaging must be durable, especially if you use it for shipping. E-commerce has exploded in the past few years, and experts expect it to remain significant. Custom shipping boxes ensure your customers recognize your packages when they arrive, adding a special touch to delivery. You can also include text inside the box, such as a “Thank you” inside the lid or a QR code to your social media pages. Encouraging customers to share pictures of their purchases is an excellent way to make them feel engaged while boosting your online presence.

Heavy-duty packaging also shows that you prioritize the customer experience over cutting costs. Consumers can feel the difference between high-end stock paper and cheaper options; which you choose can significantly impact their perception of your brand.

No matter what you sell, Kinsbrae Packaging has a boxboard packaging option for you. Our process is environmentally friendly — an aspect that consumers are sure to love.

Additionally, our services are affordable, allowing you to invest in a design that appeals to your base. That also means you can order small and medium runs without breaking the bank. To learn more, give us a call or visit us online.


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