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Kinsbrae Custom Sleeved Cans: What is Craft Beer?

Warmer weather equals more people wanting to enjoy a cold beer outside while on a patio, sitting on the beach or having a picnic. Many people opt to drink the same beer every time, one that is familiar to them and that they know they like. However, it can be fun to branch out and try other options, especially with the recent expansion of the craft beer market. 

People might recognize craft beer by their custom packaging sleeves and unique names. Kinsbrae Packaging offers diverse packaging choices for craft beer, ranging from customized labels to trays, carriers, and boxes for safe transportation. Our top-quality custom labels ensure that brewers can maintain the highest standards. 

How Is Craft Beer Special? 

Craft beer is made in smaller batches than regular beer, so brewers of this type of beer tend to focus more on creating a higher quality product than making beer in bulk that appeals to the masses. Craft beer also tends to have a higher alcohol content than regular beer, although this varies greatly according to the style of the craft beer. Because brewers make smaller batches of any one beer, they can be more experimental with the ingredients they use and the styles they produce. If they do end up with a batch that does not taste as expected, it is not as big of a loss for craft brewers. 

Anyone first getting into craft beer will immediately notice that there are many more beer styles than there are in the traditional, mass-produced market. Mass-produced beers tend to be very light in colour and body. They are predictable and do not tend to change from year to year or batch to batch. The reason why there are so many more styles is that when brewers make smaller batches, they can worry less about appealing to a wide market. 

Those who produce craft beer want to make their beer’s packaging stick out and differ from the mass market. Craft brewers would be wise to get in touch with a company that produces sleeved cans that allow for plenty of customization. 

What Are Some Types of Craft Beer?

There are many types of craft beer, which is one of the things that make it so appealing to people. For instance, there are bitter India pale ales, refreshing blonde ales and full-bodied stouts. Not every style will appeal to every person, so it is a good idea for someone to try several different styles if they are interested in getting into craft beer. 

Bocks, for instance, are brown, malty lagers that might appeal to people who like stouts but are looking for something lighter. There are some subcategories of bocks, including helles bocks and doppelbocks. Helles bocks, also known as maibocks, are lighter in colour than other bocks and are popular in the springtime. In fact, maibock refers to the German word for the month of May. On the other hand, doppelbocks are quite dark and sweet and usually come with flavour notes of coffee or chocolate. 

Double and triple IPAs take the traditional bitter, hoppy IPA and amp it up a notch or two. Double and triple IPAs tend to contain more hops and alcohol than standard IPAs. IPAs also come in different styles, such as the less bitter and more juicy, hazy IPA. 

Kinsbrae Packaging provides packaging options that are as varied as beer styles in the craft beer market. For example, we can customize labels for brewers and provide them with different options of trays, carriers and boxes to transport and ship craft beer cans. Our custom labels are of the highest print quality, which is essential to a brewer who looks to produce the highest quality of beer possible. Contact Kinsbrae Packaging today to discuss your options!


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