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Kinsbrae Packaging: Hard Seltzer Cans in Canada

Starting in about the mid-2010s, hard seltzer became a popular alternative to beer in both Canada and the United States. From year to year, the popularity has only increased since then, meaning that there are many different varieties available to consumers. Custom packaging sleeves can help your product to stand out from your competitors in a way that captures buyers’ attention.

What Is Hard Seltzer?

Hard seltzer is a type of flavoured, sparkling water with alcohol added. The alcohol content of hard seltzer is about 5%, comparable to most leading beer brands. It has less sugar and fewer carbohydrates than beer and other traditional alcoholic beverages.

Why Is Hard Seltzer So Popular?

Hard seltzer fills a need for a healthier alcoholic beverage. Beer and alcoholic drinks such as wine coolers are high in carbohydrates and sugars. Because of the way that the body metabolizes these substances, they can contribute to weight gain and obesity, which are risk factors for chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Millennials tend to be health conscious and look for alternatives to high-calorie alcoholic drinks.

How Did the Hard Seltzer Craze Get Started in Canada?

Canada was a little behind the United States in embracing hard seltzer. One of the main drivers behind the hard seltzer phenomenon in Canada was the Mark Anthony Group. Around 15 to 20 years before the rise of hard seltzer, the Mark Anthony Group had success with a product called Mike’s Hard Lemonade, an alternative to beer targeted specifically at young men, 25% of whom do not like to drink beer but feel awkward refusing to do so at social gatherings.

In Canada, the Mark Anthony Group was at the head of the hard seltzer wave with its White Claw product. White Claw comes in a variety of package sizes and flavours. This makes it convenient for parties where guests may have different tastes and it also means that if people want to enjoy their favourite flavours at home, they have different purchase options to choose from. White Claw is made with natural flavours and is gluten-free. Each can has only two grams of carbs and 100 calories.

In 2019, hard seltzer sales nearly tripled over the course of approximately a year. White Claw’s share of the market hovers at around 55%. Its success is due in part to smart marketing that leveraged social media and an iconic can design that was licensed for Halloween costumes in its image.

What Are the Advantages of Custom Packaging Sleeves for Hard Seltzer?

Because hard seltzer is so popular, there are many different varieties available from many different companies. Sleeved cans with custom designs and a choice of different finishes can make your product stand out and attract the attention of customers. You don’t have to worry about the cans losing their labels because our sleeves stand up to condensation as well as heat and cold. The sleeve covers a complete 360 degrees, so you have plenty of room for all the information you need to include on the can, such as ingredients and nutrition facts, as well as your custom logo.

Like beer, hard seltzer typically comes in 12-ounce cans. However, hard seltzer cans are a different shape that is taller and skinnier, helping to reinforce the idea that this is a more health-conscious drink. Our sleeves are able to fit cans of any shape and size. If you end up with extra cans, we can even over-sleeve them with a new design so that you can reduce waste while minimizing losses.

Learn More About Sleeved Cans

With our expertise, Kinsbrae Packaging can help your business customize your own sleeved cans. Find out more about the advantages of sleeved cans for beverages and other products, as well as our printing method options.


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