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Kinsbrae Packaging Solutions: Enhancing Your Products Packaging With Eye-Catching Labels

Product labels contain essential information about their ingredients and use, but they also impart valuable knowledge about who you are as a company. In fact, packaging is your most important branding opportunity, which is why you need to choose eye-catching designs. If you’re looking for new ways to bring customers into the fold, here are a few premium packaging solutions to consider.

Choose Colours Wisely

Colours have a huge impact on how consumers perceive your products. Hues have various psychological effects and cultural significance:

  • Blue: Shades of blue are soothing. Research shows they can even reduce stress, help you fall asleep and generally improve your mental and physical health. Many people also associate blue with water and the ocean.

  • Purple: Purple hues have strong ties to imagination, magic and mysticism. Western cultures may associate purple with royalty since only nobility were allowed to wear purple cloth during the English Renaissance, a time immortalized in Shakespeare’s works.

  • Red: Reds have a wide range of symbolism, from anger to warning to passion. Shades of red can be intense, so they’re best for drawing attention. In Chinese culture, red is considered an auspicious colour and is used for items of good fortune, such as the Chinese New Year money envelope.

  • Yellow: Bright and cheery yellows evoke happiness and the sun. In some cultures, yellow is also associated with divinity, though it can also symbolize cowardice in Western countries.

  • Green: The human eye can detect the most shades of green, making it an essential colour for label and packaging solutions. Most people associate green with nature, but Western cultures also associate it with wealth and greed since U.S. currency is green.

Use Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is important to many consumers, especially the younger demographics. Choosing environmentally friendly label and box packaging solutions is an effective way to reduce your company’s environmental impact while highlighting your company’s sustainability practices.

One way to go green is to choose labels made without toxic chemicals:

  • Preservatives

  • Dyes

  • Bleaches

  • Pesticides

This approach creates a raw, natural aesthetic that’s very trendy, especially for companies using sustainability to disrupt their industries. It’s also a good idea to use recyclable or compostable materials:

  • Cotton

  • Paper

  • Cardboard

  • Linen

You can even cut costs when you switch to post-consumer materials. If you want to give customers more value, consider packaging they can repurpose, such as glass jars. Doing so will help your labels stick around, reminding customers of your company long after consuming your products.

Finally, choose a green label manufacturer. Partnering with businesses that share your environmental goals shows your company puts its money where its mouth is. When many other enterprises prefer to greenwash rather than make meaningful changes, this act of integrity will make your brand stand out.

Embrace Your Differences

Don’t be afraid to embrace what makes your brand different. For example, if you source from local farmers or artisans, put those materials front and center. If you partner with charities, highlight stories of the good your efforts have done.

One of the most powerful tools you can wield is your backstory, especially if it’s unique. You can include a blurb on your packaging, incorporate colours important to your company’s history and even include photos of founders. Stories are the number one way to connect with customers, so think of innovative ways to showcase yours.

When you need premium packaging solutions, Kinsbrae Packaging is here to help. We offer a variety of services, including professional label design. Our experts can create engaging packaging that embodies your brand, and we’ll print the materials in-house. From paper bottles to sleeved cans, we have you covered. For more information on our state-of-the-art digital printing, give us a call or contact us online.


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