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Kinsbrae Packaging Trays: 3 Reasons For the Rise Sparkling Water

If you frequent grocery and convenience stores, you may have noticed the recent increase in the number of sparkling water options available. In the past, there used to be only a handful of sparkling water brands out there, and the beverage was seen as something fairly boring. Now, many exciting flavours of this beverage come into stores on bulk packaging trays every day for people to purchase.

Sparkling water has seen a surge in popularity recently, and there are several compelling reasons behind this trend. Continue reading to learn three reasons behind the growing popularity of sparkling water.

1. Sparkling Water Can Replace Pop

Soda Pop began to gain popularity in the 20th century, with many brands taking off during that time. Coca-Cola, for example, is one of the largest beverage companies in the world. However, people are beginning to see that pop is not the most healthy beverage to consume and is something that they should drink in moderation, if at all. Sparkling water has a very similar mouthfeel to pop, so many people use it as a replacement for the soda that they are used to. As the number of sparkling water flavours increase, people are only going to try more flavours and further boost the popularity of the product.

2. Sparkling Water Serves as an Alternative to Alcohol

As Generation Z comes of age, they are proving that they drink less alcohol overall than previous generations. There are several theories behind why this is the case, but a good guess would be that younger generations are becoming more aware of the health hazards of drinking too much alcohol. It is easy to create a fancy, alcohol-free sparkling water drink that is simple and refreshing. 

Start by adding a splash of your favourite fruit juice to a glass of chilled sparkling water, then garnish with fresh fruits or herbs like mint or basil for an elegant, hydrating beverage.

3. Sparkling Water Is Versatile 

While many people drink sparkling water in an attempt to avoid certain ingredients, some people turn to the beverage because some of it contains certain desired ingredients. For example, some sparkling water contains caffeine, which tends to be one of the substances that people miss when they quit drinking soda. Carbonated water also has the ability to take on practically any flavour that someone might desire. For instance, sparkling water comes in everything from simple flavours like lemon and orange to more complicated flavours such as strawberry ginger, cactus rose and more.

Packaging for Your Sparkling Water

Bringing your beverage product to the store shelves requires reliable packaging and Kinsbrae is here to help. A sparkling water company may benefit from using flexo-printed trays to ship and store their products. Some of the benefits of this type of printing include:

  • The speed at which printing can occur

  • The number of different materials which can be printed

  • The ability to print both smaller and larger volume jobs with efficiency 

Kinsbrae Packaging offers digital trays that have gained significant popularity due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness. They allow for the simultaneous packaging of multiple SKUs in a single order, accommodating an infinite spectrum of colours. It is also eye-catching, which means that customers are more likely to select a product from a digitally printed tray, rather than a competitor’s product.

Moreover, digital trays are particularly beneficial for smaller production runs since they eliminate the need for plate costs. With the ability to accommodate any tray size, ranging from 12 x 355mL slim cans to 24 x 473mL cans, they offer a flexible solution to suit a variety of packaging needs.

If you own a company that produces beverages, contact Kinsbrae Packaging for all your packaging needs. Speak to one of our sales representatives today to discuss which type of printing is best for you and get started on the process.


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