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Kinsbrae Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Packaging Needs

Finding eye-catching packaging solutions is essential for marketing your company’s products and garnering sales. Regardless of which type of packaging solution you need for your business, Kinsbrae Packaging is here to help with customized designs.

Types of Packaging Solutions We Offer

Different products need various types of packaging. Not only do we have a huge variety of packaging solutions available, but we offer each one in various materials so you can find the perfect option for your company. 

Regardless of what type of product you offer, we have a packaging solution that will benefit you. Some of our most common packaging products include:

  • Eco-friendly Flexible Pouch Our flexible pouches are great for food items. The metallic coating inside the pouch preserves the item inside and ensures it maintains its freshness and flavour, while the outer material is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. It’s easy to alter a flexible pouch slightly to accommodate different skew numbers, and it’s also a great choice for limited edition products that are only manufactured for a short time.

  • Beverage Packaging Solutions The beverage industry is huge, and with so many competitors, you must make your product stand out from the competition. Whether you prefer paper bottles or printed cans to market your product, we have a packaging solution that is eye-catching and functional to boost your brand and improve sales.

  • Custom Cardboard Boxes Cardboard is a great material for packaging because it is entirely recyclable. If you need custom cardboard boxes, we have a wide variety of sizes available and can print any design on them to boost your marketing campaign.

  • Labels Our custom labels are available in every size colour and shape imaginable. You choose the logo, fonts, and finishes that we use to create a customized label that reflects your brand values.

Regardless of which type of packaging solution you prefer to use for your products, we can completely customize it to meet your needs. From printing your chosen design to customizing the size, we can create unique packaging solutions that are beneficial for your brand and help drive sales by making products stand out on store shelves.

Benefits of Working With Us

We understand that every business has its own unique needs when it comes to packaging. We want to make the process of finding packaging solutions as easy as possible, so we work with you from start to finish to design packaging that meets your needs. Our vast inventory of packaging solutions allows us to help you market any product effectively.

One of the biggest benefits of working with us is that we have in-house designers that work with you from the very conception of your product design and help you bring it to life. If you already have a design in mind, we’ll help you make minor tweaks if necessary and apply the design to your packaging.

Additional benefits include co-packing services to ensure you can fill orders quickly, inventory management to make day-to-day operations easier and warehousing space to store large orders until they are sold. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create dynamic packaging options that help your business grow.

Get Started Today

At Kinsbrae Packaging, we offer a huge variety of packaging solutions to meet the needs of different companies. Not only do we work closely with you to make sure you find a design and packaging solution that meets your needs, but if we don’t have a product that works for you, we promise to find something that works or create an entirely new type of packaging for you. Contact us today to get started.


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