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Learn Why Kinsbrae Packaging Trays Are Durable and Cost-Effective

When you ship bottles and cans to stores, you need a way to keep them safe and easy to inventory. Custom packaging trays are the perfect solution, as they enable you to arrange products in groups of 12 or 24. When appropriately sized, they can keep containers immobile during long hours on the road.

Of course, transport convenience isn’t the only benefit trays offer — they’re also the perfect opportunity to advertise. Cardboard provides a smooth surface to proudly display your logo, reinforcing your brand whenever a consumer pauses to consider the merchandise. To make a great impression, you must carefully consider your packaging options.

Highlight Recyclability

Cardboard is highly recyclable, an essential factor when mass-producing a product. Eco-friendliness is a huge concern for younger consumers who value corporate responsibility, so brands should consider sustainable materials as much as possible. Paper products such as cardboard are biodegradable and accepted by most recycling centers. Sourcing from sustainably produced or post-consumer recycled manufacturers is even better.

Of course, recyclability means nothing if your boxes are too challenging to break down. Some companies use glue to hold trays together, which is unnecessary and inconvenient to remove. Properly assembled beverage trays are strong enough to withstand journeys of thousands of miles but simple enough to dismantle when it’s time to recycle.

Choose the Right Printing Method

Two printing methods are used in beverage packaging solutions: digital and flexo printing. Digital printing doesn’t use traditional plates, which means easier customization and a faster turnaround time. Additionally, digital printing is perfect for smaller batches, reducing waste from unused packaging. As a result, companies don’t have to order more than they need, and there’s less of an environmental impact.

Alternatively, flexo printing utilizes rubber plates, so it can take longer to produce a batch. However, the process allows manufacturers to emboss, foil or laminate while printing, which can save time in the long run. Additionally, flexo printing works on various materials, including options that digital printing can’t handle. This method is also affordable, putting it within reach of small businesses.

Provide Durability

Beverage trays need to retain their printed surfaces over long trips so companies can reap the benefits of branding. Fortunately, cardboard is incredibly resilient and even provides cushioning as merchandise shifts around during shipment. The best options are moisture-resistant, so the tray remains strong if a beverage springs a leak or the load arrives during inclement weather.

Work With Professional Designers

Creating visuals to accommodate beverage trays goes a long way, as customers may interpret ill-fitting logos as slapdash. A professional designer can help you create graphics that draw consumers in and connect with your company in the blink of an eye.

Packaging is about more than pleasing colours and shapes — it communicates with viewers, even if they can’t put that communication into words. Illustrations can evoke nostalgia, laughter and other strong emotional reactions, all of which build familiarity and trust. The more people see your packaging, the more they associate your company and product with those feelings. A graphic designer can craft visuals that trigger emotions in line with your brand, thereby helping you appeal to a larger audience.

Get Custom Packaging Fast

When shipping holiday-themed or special edition products, you must procure trays quickly to take full advantage of the short timeframe. Fortunately, Kinsbrae Packaging offers fast turnaround times, even with custom designs. We can also produce small and medium batches at reasonable prices, ensuring businesses of all sizes can access high-quality trays.

Are you ready to take your packaging to the next level? Contact Kinsbrae Packaging to learn more about our services by visiting us online or giving our team a call.


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