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Reasons To Invest in the Frugal Paper Bottle for Eco-Friendly Packaging

The climate crisis has reached a peak and people are taking drastic measures to reverse it. Individual efforts help the climate crisis, but businesses have an opportunity to make a larger impact on the environment. Many companies have adopted sustainable business practices and eco-friendly packaging materials in an attempt to combat climate change.

Because many consumers are concerned about the state of the environment, they prefer to buy products from companies that use sustainable packaging. Companies must pivot to meet the needs of their customers, so investing in eco-friendly packaging is a good business practice. Eco-friendly packaging materials are not always cost-efficient, but investing in them usually pays off because you attract more customers and do your part to reverse climate change. One of the last industries to dive into eco-friendly packaging is the wine and alcohol industry because people are used to getting their wine and spirits in glass bottles. With the invention of paper bottles, these companies have the opportunity to change their packaging to help the environment. Here are three reasons you should consider using Frugal paper bottles to hold your wine and spirits.

1. Frugal Bottles Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Although standard wine and spirit bottles are made of glass, which is a recyclable material, few people made an effort to recycle them. Additionally, it takes a significant amount of energy to produce a single glass bottle. These two facts make paper bottles look more favourable.

Contrary to popular opinion, paper bottles do not affect the flavour of the liquid inside. The liquid is sealed in a food-grade pouch so it won’t be damaged if the bottle gets wet. You can produce paper bottles in mass with less energy than it takes to create a glass bottle, so moving to paper bottles is an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Pricewise, paper bottles currently cost the same as glass containers. This is due to the rising cost of paper and glass. Paper bottles may not seem like the most cost-efficient packaging material, but the fact that they slash your carbon footprint drastically makes them worth the cost. Recent studies show that paper bottles will likely be more cost-effective in the future once people get used to the change and the cost of materials comes down.

2. Frugal Bottles Are Lightweight

Glass bottles are obviously heavier than paper ones. Frugal bottles are five times lighter than traditional glass containers, so they are easy to transport. Paper bottles also won’t shatter if you accidentally drop them, so there is no reason to worry about wasting the liquid inside. Frugal bottles are made of 94% recycled materials, so you can feel good about how you obtain the paper for the bottle.

3. Frugal Bottles Offer Great Branding Opportunities

The wine and spirit markets are competitive, so you must make your product stand out from its competition if you want to make a lot of sales. Paper wine bottles offer a unique 360-degree branding opportunity and no other bottle looks or feels like it. You can print logos around the entire bottle so that people understand your brand regardless of their field of vision. A better branding strategy means more sales, so paper bottles can help you increase your profits while making an impact on the environment and helping to reverse climate change.

Find Paper Bottles Today

If you are ready to move to eco-friendly packaging for your wine or spirit business, Kinsbrae Packaging has the Frugal Bottle that will meet those needs. This lightweight bottle is made from mostly recycled materials and does not affect the flavour of your liquid, so you can continue to deliver quality products while feeling good about your efforts to reduce climate change. Contact us today if you want to purchase Frugal paper bottles for your company.


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