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The E6PR Eco Rings Are Durable and Long Lasting!

Use Eco-Friendly Rings for Your Canned Items 

Plastic waste does a great deal of harm to oceans and landfills worldwide. Plastics can take up to 500 years to decompose, which causes them to build up in the environment and harm land animals and marine life. Among the many sources of plastics are the plastic rings found around six packs of beer and soda cans. These items are a choking hazard for birds and other creatures, and they contribute to the use of refined oil, which can cause pollution. Fortunately, many companies recognize the damage caused by plastics and have developed eco-friendly six-pack rings. Here are some of the benefits of using this innovative product.

They Are Durable

Being an eco-friendly product does not equate to being of lesser quality or durability. E6PR eco rings are made to last a long time, including being kept long-term in a hot warehouse. The amount of time that it takes for this product to disintegrate largely depends on its environmental conditions, including humidity, temperature, movement, and more. But rest assured that this product, along with other eco-friendly products, can be easily stored. These rings can also carry the weight of a standard four-pack or six-pack of soda or beer cans just as well as plastic rings. 

They Help the Environment 

People use plastic products every day, from carrying plastic grocery bags and eating food from plastic containers, to driving around plastic traffic cones on the road. In some cases, plastics have increased the quality of life for people, such as through their use in medical devices. However, many of the things that ordinary plastics do are harmful to the environment, including:

  • Piling up on land and in the water, causing an eyesore, taking up space, and contributing to pollution

  • Harming animal life, who may eat plastic products not knowing that they are unable to digest them 

  • Taking up valuable landfill space, since plastics take a very long time to decompose

  • Creating microplastics, which are harmful to humans because they can seep into sources of food without being seen 

Biodegradable products bypass many of these issues. One reason for this is that they are often made of materials that can be digested by birds, fish, and other wildlife at risk of eating plastics. Another reason is that biodegradable products decompose more quickly than traditional plastic products, which means they go back into the earth instead of taking up space in a landfill for hundreds of years. 

They Are Unique

Hopefully, more and more companies will get on board with creating and using eco-friendly products. But for now, using the E6PR has the advantage of making your product stick out. By using this product, you might persuade eco-conscious consumers to purchase your product over that of a competitor who still uses plastic six-pack rings. To make your product stick out on the market even further, you might consider using custom packaging sleeves tailored to your brand. For example, if you make a porter style of beer, you could consider a sleeve with something that is representative of that style and is eye-catching to someone browsing a crowded shelf at the supermarket. 

Also, keep in mind that the E6PR comes in both four-pack and six-pack varieties. We recognize that some companies make very specialized beverages and choose to sell them in smaller batches, in which case the four-pack would probably be more appropriate. But no matter which one you use, you will stick out in a good way for being great stewards of the environment. 

If you own an eco-friendly business, finding products that align with your values can be challenging. Give Kinsbrae Packaging a call if you are interested in our durable, biodegradable alternative to plastic rings. 


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