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What Makes Corrugated Cardboard Boxes so Great?

4 Reasons To Use Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

There are many materials to choose from when deciding what to use for shipping or storing items. Packaging is one of the first things that many customers notice about an item, so marketing professionals and business owners rightfully put a lot of thought into what they use. Along with plastic, cardboard is one of the most common materials used for packaging. Here are four reasons to use a corrugated cardboard box the next time you need to send an item to a customer.

1. Corrugated Cardboard Offers Protection

When sellers ship an item, one of their most common worries is whether or not the item will arrive to the customer intact and as expected. This is understandable since many pieces of mail get lost each year or arrive damaged. However, using corrugated cardboard to ship products helps ensure that what is being shipped is protected by additional strength and padding to protect the item against rain, wind and rough handling.

In addition to being robust, corrugated cardboard offers several other protections against damage. One is being more lightweight than wooden or plastic packaging of the same dimensions, making it less likely to be dropped or shifted around during transport. Corrugated cardboard is also very strong due to its design. It is for these reasons that industries such as hospitality, healthcare, electronics, automotive and textiles depend on this material to deliver quality goods to their clients.

2. They Are Easy To Label

Companies know that branding is what makes them stick out from their competition. As a result, it is beneficial for businesses to have an efficient and cost-effective way to print out their labels and logos to go on packaging materials. Cardboard makes this easy because this material:

  • Has a flat surface that makes images pop and catches consumers’ attention

  • Is relatively inexpensive, which makes it more feasible to take risks knowing that you can cheaply discard or recycle the material if a label does not work out 

  • Allows you to print directly on the surface, if desired, rather than printing on a sticker that is then transferred to the packaging

Consider what and how much you will be printing on your packaging when deciding on a material to use.

3. Corrugated Boxes Are Recyclable 

It is to the advantage of the earth as well as a company’s profits to be environmentally conscious. More and more customers are making purchasing decisions based on how large of an ecological footprint a company leaves. The good news for companies that use corrugated cardboard is that this material is recyclable as long as there are recycling facilities in the local area. Cardboard packaging is completely renewable, unlike plastic and other varieties of containers. Make sure to wipe off materials before recycling and place them in the correct location to be picked up.

To encourage recycling, and to take advantage of the ease at which cardboard allows printing, consider providing customers with directions directly on the box regarding how and why to recycle their packaging once they no longer need it.

4. Cardboard Is Customizable

When you choose a corrugated cardboard box as a packaging solution, you open the door to many possibilities. For example, cardboard can be customized to secure any sized item, from a large television or appliance to a small lamp or fragile trinket. Cardboard can even be folded into unique shapes depending on the item to be placed in the container, allowing for a more efficient transport journey.

Kinsbrae Packaging provides this strong, convenient and reusable form of packaging to a wide variety of customers. Contact us if you want to learn more about using this simple yet incredibly versatile material.


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