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Why Make the Switch from Glass Bottles to Paper?

When it comes to custom packaging for your beverage or oil-based products, branding and design likely top your priority list. What about sustainability, though?

If your brand is like many others today, you have several processes and procedures in place for reducing your carbon footprint. Yet, when it comes to packaging, you may believe that glass and plastic are your only options. While this was true once upon a time, now, thanks to the Paper Bottle, it’s not.

The Paper Bottle

The Paper Bottle is yet another innovative solution in the global quest for more eco-friendly packaging. Brought to us by Frugalpac and adopted by Kinsbrae Packaging — the first in the world to do so — The Paper Bottle is made almost exclusively from recycled paperboard. The 6% of the packaging that is not recycled paperboard is the food-grade pouch inside, which keeps the bottle’s contents from causing the bottle itself to disintegrate.

Why Go Paper

There are dozens of good reasons to switch to paper packaging, one of the biggest of which is sustainability. A whopping 94% of The Paper Bottle is made of recycled paperboard. As an almost entirely paper product, it boasts a carbon footprint that is six times lower than its glass counterpart and provides an alluring 360 degrees of the canvas. What do all these benefits mean for you and our planet? Check out the top benefits to you and this place we call home:

  • The Paper Bottle has a 77% lower carbon footprint than bottles made of recycled plastic and 84% lower than glass.

  • Because the bottle weighs five times less than a standard glass bottle, you can ship your packaged product at a much lower cost. This is because the weight of a single box or crate will be five times lower than the weight of a glass shipment, allowing for increased pallet heights and quantity on a single truck.

  • With glass bottles, you must use dividers to prevent them from clanging together and possibly breaking. With paper, however, you do not have to worry about that. Not only can you reduce your carbon footprint even more by not using additional packaging but also, you can reduce your packaging costs.

  • With glass bottles, you run the risk that UV rays will infiltrate the bottle and reduce the quality of its contents. Paper, on the other hand, provides protection against UV rays and helps to preserve the overall quality of your oil or beverage.

  • Glass bottles shatter, sending shards into the environment. Paper, on the other hand, does not. If someone drops your paper bottle, there is no risk of it becoming a hazard.

  • The Paper Bottle is easily recyclable. Simply remove the paper casing and place it in the paper basket, then place the pouch inside the plastics bin.   

360 Design

One of the greatest benefits of paper bottle beverage packaging solutions is the fact that the whole bottle is a blank canvas on which you can bring your branding and design visions to life. No part of the bottle is off limits and, because the paper is easy to customize, no design is unachievable. If you want truly custom packaging that will draw in buyers and make them excited about your products, paper bottles are the way to go. Some top benefits of paper regarding design are as follows:

  • All-over design (no more labels that cover just 20% to 50% of the bottle)

  • Easily printable

  • Full colour

  • Ability to make the design in-house

From full coverage design to unlimited creativity with your design, the Paper Bottle offers it all.

When it comes to packaging, you have a lot to think about. However, something you shouldn’t have to think too hard about is whether you should go with glass or paper. Paper is an innovative and eco-friendly packaging solution that offers a host of benefits for your business, bottom line and the planet.

Contact Kinsbrae Packaging To Get Started

Kinsbrae Packaging is the sole North American manufacturer of Paper Bottles, a sustainable packaging solution that complements our existing product range. Switching from glass to Paper Bottles is a breeze with our assistance. To make your business more environmentally conscious and sustainable, reach out to us for details on our distinctive and revolutionary Paper Bottles.


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