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Why Use Flexible Plastic Packaging?

If you sell products to customers, you know there are many ways to deliver those items to keep customers coming back. Custom flexible pouches are one such delivery method that is catching on with many businesses for good reason. Flexible packaging is versatile and offers many benefits to companies looking for something different to bring to their customers. Here are a few reasons to use this type of encasing. 

They Allow for Flexibility

Plastic bags allow for greater flexibility compared to other types of packaging because it costs relatively little to redesign the bag based on the product you are selling. For example, your business might want to try selling a particular type of coffee and request a vacuum-sealed bag displaying the name and roast of that coffee. If that type of coffee does not sell as well as expected, you can request an edit or redesign to the label at no cost, since digital printing makes the redesign process so simple and quick. Custom flexible pouches are perfect for small businesses that produce small batches of food and other items, and that frequently change the products that they offer.

They Come in Different Varieties

As a business owner or company manager, you likely enjoy making your own decisions when it comes to operating the business and providing goods and services to your customers. This is why flexible packaging comes in three varieties:

  • Conventional, for when you are looking for the simple and standard option that many customers are already familiar with 

  • Recyclable, for when you want to encourage your customers to buy materials that can be reused after they are discarded

  • Compostable, for when you wish to introduce this newer technology that permits the material to break down back into the earth after use 

Regardless of which variety you choose, keep in mind that most bags can be reused by the customer if they wish, regardless of whether the packaging’s final destination is the trash, a recycling plant, or back to the soil. Many consumers use a company’s commitment to sustainability as a factor in whether or not they will support that company. Having options to choose from makes it easier for business owners to select the type of sustainable packaging that is best for their products and their customer base. 

They Appeal to the Eye

Because flexible plastic packaging uses digital printing, the designs come out crisp and vibrant, making whatever product they are holding stand out on a store shelf. This is important because many items often compete for a limited amount of space on shelves, and customers often grab the brightest packaging since that is what stands out the most to them. In short, the purchasing decision may come down to what the consumer sees on the outside. You can choose from an infinite number of colours when you use flexible plastic packaging, making it easy to create packaging that is specifically suited to your brand. 

They Are Cost-Effective

For businesses that are trying to cut costs, maximize profits, or just redirect their expenses elsewhere, plastic bags and pouches are a good choice due to their cost-effectiveness. To save the most money, businesses are advised to choose a pre-determined size; however, flexible plastic packaging can be fit for any product, large or small. They can also be made to vacuum seal, have special design effects, or have viewing windows if desired. 

If your business has an interest in creating custom flexible packaging, look no further than Kinsbrae Packaging. We can provide you with convenient, beautiful designs at a great price point. Come check out our sustainable bags for your products today. 


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