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Kinsbrae Custom Packaging: The Case of Bottles Versus Cans


When you brew craft beer, you have the choice to package it in either cans or bottles. Enthusiasts continue to debate which is better, but the truth is that each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, which one is better depends more on your preferences and that of your customers. One major advantage that both cans and bottles have is that you can use poly labels...

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Good Things Come in Small Packages: Canned Wine in Ontario


The elegant curves of a wine bottle make for a pretty silhouette, but carrying a giant piece of glass around isn't convenient. As a result, wineries have started offering PortaVino cans. These aluminum cans from Kinsbrae Packaging are similar to those used for beer, and the packaging is quickly catching on. From grocery stores to theaters, canned wine is taking over the shelves. Of course, if you've...

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3 Myths About Canned Wine


It can be easy to underestimate canned wine but don’t judge it too quickly. While it may have got a bad rap in the past, this trend in the wine industry is quickly gaining popularity. In fact, it is the fastest-growing segment of the wine market, and with more companies adopting this new packaging, there are various types of wine available in a can.  Here at KinsBrae...

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What is the Overall Goal of Eco-friendly Six Pack Rings?


Scientists have known for years that the convenient plastic rings used to hold six-packs of beer or soft drinks together are harmful to wildlife and bad for the environment in general. However, until recently, there were no real mass-market alternatives available. That has all changed with the introduction of eco-friendly six-pack rings, which do the same job without harming the environment. The Problem With Plastic The biggest...

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Show Off Your Brand’s Personality With a Custom Can Sleeve


If you own a company that produces any type of wine, you understand the importance of good branding to get your product into the hands of customers. People don't want to buy just any canned wine in Ontario. They want to buy a high-quality Portavino with a label that jumps out at them while they are browsing store shelves. Designing labels for sleeved cans is important because...

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Kinsbrae Paper Labels are Durable and Practical


When you are trying to launch a successful business, choosing the right type of label for your products is essential. There are several types of labels to choose from, but a traditional paper label is still the most popular. A distinct label makes your products recognizable and separates them from the competition, so choosing one that enhances your brand is important. Here's why you should consider paper...

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5 Reasons Canned Wine Is Better Than Bottled Wine


Canned wine hasn't always had the best reputation, but the quality has improved immensely in recent years. It is to the point where there are now a plethora of ready-to-pop options that are truly exceptional. Canned wine in Ontario is a great option where glasses and bottles may not be appropriate. It's the perfect choice to bring to summer picnics, beach trips, or really anytime you want...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Wine From a Can


Wine is a popular beverage that comes in many varieties, from reds and whites to sweet wines like ports, and is often enjoyed with an evening meal. Wine is associated with large glass bottles sealed by a cork, but canned wines are becoming more and more common on grocery store shelves. Here are four of the benefits of choosing a wine that comes from a can. 1....

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Customers Will Love the Kinsbrae Portavino Aluminum Wine Bottle


KinsBrae Packaging is proud to offer a unique wine packaging solution that can help set you apart from competitors. The PortaVino aluminum bottle provides the perfect design for those who want to give wine in a can option but also want to portray sophistication in their brand.  Portavino aluminum bottles offer a convenient, approachable, and portable way to present your beverage without sacrificing quality. Following soda and...

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Are Shrink Sleeves Recyclable


At KinsBrae Packaging, we understand that businesses are looking for packaging solutions that are more eco-friendly. As the packaging market continues to evolve, new options become available, and we are happy to offer various options from aluminum wine bottles to eco-friendly 6 pack rings. Our custom packaging sleeves are also gaining popularity due to their versatile branding opportunities and eco-friendly options. Caring For The Environment Customers want...

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Are Eco-Friendly Six Pack Rings Safe For Animals


At KinsBrae Packaging, we go beyond traditional packaging solutions because we understand the beverage industry is responsible for providing eco-friendly solutions in their packaging. One of the most problematic types of packaging for the beverage market has always been plastic six-pack rings. These plastic rings have devastated our oceans and marine wildlife. So, we created the eco-friendly six-pack rings in response to the standard beverage ring's impact...

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What are the Different Types of Plastics Used to Store Products?


Choosing a container for your product is a lot like choosing an outfit for your baby’s first photo shoot. You want it to be unique. You want it to be perfect. You want it to be memorable. You also don’t want it to go to waste when its useful life is over. Custom plastic packaging can showcase your product and improve your branding. It can also display...

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Why Is Plastic Waste a Problem?


Approximately 40% of all plastic produced today is used for packaging that is used once then thrown away. Think of the plastic rings that hold together a six-pack of beverages. Even if you intended to, there is no way to reuse those rings for their intended purpose once the six-pack is gone. Companies use plastic packaging because it is convenient and cheap to make. However, it can...

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What are Some Benefits of Using Corrugated Cardboard Packaging?


Also called pleated cardboard, corrugated cardboard is a material used to make custom boxes in Canada, among other things. It consists of three layers. The inner and outer two layers are flat, while the inner layer consists of fluting, an arched sheet of paper in a wavy pattern. Corrugated cardboard offers significant advantages as a packaging material. 1. Strength The pleated fluting of the corrugated isn't just...

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3 Reasons Why Shrink Sleeve Labels are Gaining Popularity


As the packaging market continues to evolve, new options become available. At KinsBrae Packaging, we offer various options, from aluminum wine bottles to eco-friendly six-pack rings. Although not new in the packaging space, shrink sleeves are one option that are becoming increasingly popular among many businesses.  Shrink sleeve labels are gaining popularity due to their versatile branding opportunities among other reasons. Here at KinsBrae Packaging, we believe...

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The Dangers of Plastic Six-Pack Rings


Similar to plastic straws, six-pack rings are often seen as the enemies of the ocean. Images of sea turtles with six-pack rings encircling their bodies have sparked a public backlash against these everyday items, and for a good reason. While they may only make up a small amount of plastic floating in the ocean, they are among some of the most dangerous to marine life. This is...

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What are Eco-Friendly Six Pack Rings Made From


Here at KinsBrae Packaging, we understand that we must look for eco-friendlier solutions in our packaging options. For decades, one of the most problematic types of packaging has been the plastic six-pack rings. These plastic rings are often seen as enemies of the ocean, and almost everyone has seen the images of marine animals with the rings encircling their bodies. So, we set out to find an...

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Why Canned Wine Should be a Part of Your Party Planning


The holiday season is here, and it is time to party! This year, make your customer’s party planning easier with PortaVino aluminum wine bottles. Our bottles offer a premium look and feel while making it fun for a new generation of wine drinkers. Everyone knows the amount of work that goes into planning a party, not to mention cleaning up after the party is over. But with...

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Why Labels are so Important for your Brand


Everyone knows the purpose of having a label on a product is to describe what the package contains. Without labels, homes would be filled with packages of all shapes and sizes filled with unidentified products. But aside from the simplest of identification purposes, consumer product label printing exists for two other primary purposes. This is to market the product and to display information required by the province...

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Top Packaging Design Trends for Craft Beer Sleeving


No one can deny that craft beer is definitely having a moment. Originally started as an industry by beer enthusiasts for a niche clientele, craft beer consumption has now erupted to become one of the fastest-growing segments of alcoholic beverage sales. Since 2005 the craft beer industry revenue has grown by more than 300%. Recent research has found that half of the people who drink craft beer...

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Is Wine in a Can Just a Fad


Wine in a can is growing in popularity so much so that it is safe to say it is here to stay. More commonly associated with soft drinks, this packaging has been rapidly increasing its shelf space in the wine section since about 2014. According to market research, sales of wine in cans are rising steadily. Canned wine in Ontario has seen this impressive increase from an...

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Design Trends for Craft Beer Cans


While the most important element for any craft brewer is the beer, how it is packaged is becoming almost as important. The craft beer market has always prided itself on being unique in the taste of their beer and the designs on its packaging. Custom packaging sleeves and eco-friendly 6 pack rings have helped craft beer companies with their branding messages. Craft brewers want their designs to...

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KinsBrae Packaging Introduces
the Environmentally Friendly Eco-Ring


Six-pack rings have long been known as a threat to marine wildlife. In part, this has helped environmental groups lobby the government to make changes to packaging requirements in Canada. The government now has a plan for the future which involves a ban on familiar items such as grocery bags, cutlery, and straws by the end of 2021. As this ban on harmful single-use plastics gets rolled...

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Will Canned Wine Replace Bottled Wine


No matter how you feel about it, there is no denying that canned wine is making its mark on the beverage industry. Canned wine has seen an increase in sales from just $2 million in 2012 to $183.6 million over the last decade. As the fastest-growing market segment, many beverage companies are looking to jump on the bandwagon and offer their wine in packaging like the PortaVino....

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Canned Wine Popularity Continues to Grow


Don’t underestimate canned wine. While once thought of as just a novelty, this trend in the wine industry is exponentially growing in popularity. As the quality of canned wines has improved immensely, there is now a plethora of ready-to-pop options that are truly delicious.  A Unique Solution KinsBrae Packaging is proud to offer a unique wine packaging solution that can help brand your company and set you...

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